4 Types of Boxes To Power Your Snack Food Business

paperboard box for chocolate

Packaging is an essential part of all industries. This is even more true for food like snacks. It is important that your products are packaged in a way that makes them look attractive to potential customers.


But what type of box is best for packaging snacks? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular options and discuss the benefits of each. We hope this information will help you make the best decision for your business.


Paperboard box


Snacking has taken on a whole new meaning in the modern world. There are so many creative and custom options to choose from! The classic snack box is the custom paperboard box, which is great for showcasing delicious snacks in eye-catching colors, creative packaging designs, and unique textures.


Whether it’s nuts, candy, or chocolate bars, custom paperboard boxes make the contents easier to view from any angle and offer your consumers an upscale feel.


For something a little more decorative, snack boxes offer plenty of options. Not only do they come in numerous sizes and colors, but printing custom logos and designs on them can showcase your brand in style.


paperboard box with window patch for snacks


And best of all – these nifty little containers can be resealed for future snacking. Don’t forget about window patches if you want. These transparent “windows” allow customers to preview your snacks before purchasing, making them great promotional tools as well.


Mailer box


Every snack enthusiast understands the importance of finding the perfect delivery box for snacking satisfaction. Most crucially mailer boxes feature snugly fitting lids which ensure full closure during storage.


Combined with custom printing options like custom logo designs or branding logos these types of boxes present a great way to display your product while also protecting it from moisture, external contaminants, and physical damage during transit.


This type of box adds an extra layer of delight to the unboxing experience. With flaps and wings, it’s easy to be open and lock requiring no tape or glue. That elevate any gift and make opening them an even more delightful experience.


mailer box for snacks


Mailer boxes can also be designed with window patches, which allure your consumers to take them off the shelves when they see the delicious treats through the windows.


Rigid box


When it comes to custom rigid boxes, often people think of them as suitable only for luxury items such as jewelry and cosmetics. However, custom rigid boxes can be incredibly useful in other contexts, such as the food and beverage industry. For example, custom rigid boxes are great for packaging snacks of all sorts – nuts, candy, jerky and much more.


rigid box for snacks


These custom rigid boxes have a lid or drawer that close firmly thanks to magnets embedded inside them so snacks will remain fresh and secure. Custom rigid boxes are incredibly sturdy and reliable due to their thicker cardboard material that helps protect their content from moisture, dust and any other pollutants.


Other than these, custom rigid boxes can also come with custom designs made specifically for the type of snack you want to put in there making it an even more attractive choice for anyone looking to package snacks in an eye-catching way.


Shipping box


Custom shipping boxes are a great way to store and ship snacks of all sizes and shapes, as they can be custom-made to meet specific requirements. A custom shipping box can provide better protection against temperature fluctuations and other environmental conditions that can affect the quality of your product.


If you are a company specialize in snacks, besides their plastic or paper shell, custom shipping box is necessary for you when you get online orders. Do not miss the opportunity to brand your shipping box, which can serve as an ambassador for your business.


shipping box for snacks


All the above four boxes can be matched with dividers to better display your products. If you are striving to outshine the specific image of your boxes, consider some printing techniques like spot UV, embossing or foil stamping.


With so many options available, you’re sure to find the best custom snack packaging solution to meet your needs! If you are struggling with how to choose the right box for your product, just contact our experts who will give you a satisfying answer.

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