5. Brand e-commerce packaging-making sealing tape with brand logo


Office supplies brand Woodruff and co uses carton sealing tape with the brand logo, which can make ordinary carton e-commerce packaging a tool for brand exposure and promotion. Brand e-commerce companies can even use decomposable materials to make carton sealing tape/packaging materials.


When an e-commerce buyer/consumer receives an e-commerce package with a brand logo, it also increases the brand impression of the e-commerce buyer/consumer, thereby virtually increasing the frequency of brand contact.


As we all know, Amazon e-commerce platform also uses sealing tape printed with the brand logo to achieve the effect of increasing brand memory points.

6. Brand e-commerce packaging – creating an unforgettable unboxing experience for consumers

According to data from Target Marketing magazine, “Of the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, you usually see unboxing videos.” This is a good opportunity for brand e-commerce to promote through influencer/KOL/YouTuber (Influencer Marketing) Therefore, adding various brand elements to the e-commerce packaging will help enhance brand awareness.

(Brand e-commerce can even interact with consumers in a lively/graffiti way)


The vast majority of e-commerce buyers/consumers want to receive a return method/return label. The return label is one of the elements that brand e-commerce adds to the brand style. Brand e-commerce can even interact with consumers in a lively/graffiti way.

(The handwritten thank you card is the lowest cost way of customization. Brands can appeal to consumers’ emotions, and sincere blessings make consumers feel more considerate.)


If e-commerce buyers/consumers surpass their original expectations and are full of surprises just like receiving a gift when opening the product packaging, brand loyalty will gradually increase.

For example, the skincare brand Jorn attached to the product packaging with a handwritten thank-you card (Thank-You cards & Personal Notes) is the lowest cost customized way. Sincere blessings make consumers feel warm and caring, and brands can also appeal to consumers, increase brand interactivity.

Brand e-commerce companies can also include product usage methods in the product packaging to help e-commerce buyers/consumers get started more easily. For example, skincare brand Journ provides consumers with product instructions/introductions.


7. Brand e-commerce packaging is consistent with brand style

The e-commerce fresh food brand Sun Basket maintains consistency with the brand style in terms of card/use introduction.


Brand e-commerce must agree on the packaging with the brand style in order to make e-commerce buyers/consumers more impressive. Because e-commerce packaging changes too frequently in style, it is easy for consumers to confuse what brand they are buying.

Just like the e-commerce fresh food brand Sun Basket, the details of e-commerce product packaging/cards/use introduction are consistent with the brand style, so that consumers who buy Sun Basket see this box packaging and immediately think of “This is Sun Basket”.

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