Among cross-border E-commerce, e-commerce packaging are the most direct way for customers, but it is also a key point that many brand e-commerce sellers easily ignore.With the changes in shopping habits of modern consumers, unboxing product packaging has also become a part of the consumer brand experience, allowing consumers to obtain surprises from the packaging and enhancing consumer brand loyalty.


In the e-commerce marketing strategy, we often mention that the cost of maintaining old customers is often lower than the cost of developing new customers. Therefore, if brand e-commerce sellers focus on customer relationship/consumption experience, they will have more opportunities to create long-term Brand value, prompting the electricity business buyers / consumers continue to buy back.


What is branded packaging experience?


In order to enhance the customer experience, e-commerce brand sellers carefully select packaging materials and match copy-writing /visual design to achieve the purpose of brand packaging to set off the product characteristics. E-commerce brand packaging can also enhance the added value of products, make e-commerce buyers/consumers full of surprises, and create brand reputation.


E-commerce buyers/consumers cannot obtain face-to-face consumption experience/customer service through physical stores. This means that e-commerce sellers must attract consumers through account reviews/e-commerce brand packaging. Brand packaging fully presents the advantages of waterproofing of their own products.


Why is e-commerce brand packaging important?


E-commerce brand packaging will affect the repurchase rate of e-commerce consumers. According to data analysis by Dotcom Distribution, an American e-commerce logistics company: “When e-commerce buyers/consumers receive high-quality brand packaging, 39% of e-commerce Buyers/consumers will share on social media, and 52% of e-commerce buyers/consumers will choose the same e-commerce brand for repurchase!”

On the Instagram community platform, the hashtag of #unboxing has been used 1.3 million times. Therefore, E-commerce Branded Packaging Experience is an important channel for brand e-commerce sellers to improve product reputation/brand value/repurchase rate.



1. Simplify brand e-commerce packaging

Nowadays, e-commerce buyers/consumers are paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly packaging. Therefore, brand e-commerce packaging must choose packaging that fits the product size, maintain a simple and easy-to-understand design, and reduce product packaging size to save logistics costs. For example: E-commerce packaging does not need to use hanging packaging like physical retail stores, because hanging packaging will occupy too much space on the packaging and increase the transportation cost of the product.

Brand e-commerce packaging design can be so simple that children and the elderly can understand it at a glance, and it can definitely greatly enhance the impression of e-commerce buyers/consumers of brand e-commerce. Just like the above picture, the baking brand Thelma’s Treat puts biscuits in the oven. In the box, the consumer opens the package as if they receive a hot cookie in the oven!


2. Brand e-commerce design reusable packaging

As shown in the picture above, the Italian eyewear brand Portrait Eyewear designs reusable product packaging. Although the shape of the glasses case is different, these products are made of recycled materials and do not need to use too much tape/glue packaging for perfect storage.


Portrait Eyewear’s intimate product packaging design makes e-commerce buyers/consumers willing to continue to use Portrait Eyewear packaging while achieving the effect of brand style promotion.

Beauty brand Rituals designs exquisite gift bags for each product. The filling uses naturally decomposable materials instead of plastic packaging materials, so that the packaging box fits the product closely.


Rituals reduces the need for unnecessary cartons/packaging materials, and encourages consumers/e-commerce buyers to leave boxes as souvenirs/storage through labels.


3. Brand e-commerce packaging-use metal embossed stickers to add a sense of fashion and luxury

If the brand e-commerce sellers use relatively simple packaging and increase the re-usability of the packaging, they can be matched with metal embossed stickers to enhance the brand packaging experience of e-commerce buyers/consumers and make product packaging more fashionable /Luxury texture.


4. Brand e-commerce packaging-put in thoughtful gifts/free gifts

According to data from the e-commerce logistics team Dotcom Distribution: 49% of e-commerce buyers/consumers want to receive gifts in the package, whether it is a label magnet/sticker/sample will enhance the consumer’s Branded Packaging Experience, while improving consumer brand loyalty.

The picture above shows the beauty brand Glossier putting brand stickers in the e-commerce packaging to increase brand exposure.

The French beauty care brand L’Occitane will put a series of product samples in the package to increase the chances of e-commerce buyers/consumers on-site shopping.

(Brand e-commerce companies often use Discount Offers/promotion codes to enhance e-commerce buyers/consumers’ next shopping opportunities.)

5. Brand e-commerce packaging-making sealing tape with brand logo

Office supplies brand Woodruff and co uses carton sealing tape with the brand logo, which can make ordinary carton e-commerce packaging a tool for brand exposure and promotion. Brand e-commerce companies can even use decomposable materials to make carton sealing tape/packaging materials.


When an e-commerce buyer/consumer receives an e-commerce package with a brand logo, it also increases the brand impression of the e-commerce buyer/consumer, thereby virtually increasing the frequency of brand contact.


As we all know, Amazon e-commerce platform also uses sealing tape printed with the brand logo to achieve the effect of increasing brand memory points.

6. Brand e-commerce packaging – creating an unforgettable unboxing experience for consumers

According to data from Target Marketing magazine, “Of the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, you usually see unboxing videos.” This is a good opportunity for brand e-commerce to promote through influencer/KOL/YouTuber (Influencer Marketing) Therefore, adding various brand elements to the e-commerce packaging will help enhance brand awareness.

(Brand e-commerce can even interact with consumers in a lively/graffiti way)


The vast majority of e-commerce buyers/consumers want to receive a return method/return label. The return label is one of the elements that brand e-commerce adds to the brand style. Brand e-commerce can even interact with consumers in a lively/graffiti way.

(The handwritten thank you card is the lowest cost way of customization. Brands can appeal to consumers’ emotions, and sincere blessings make consumers feel more considerate.)


If e-commerce buyers/consumers surpass their original expectations and are full of surprises just like receiving a gift when opening the product packaging, brand loyalty will gradually increase.

For example, the skin care brand Jorn attached to the product packaging with a handwritten thank-you card (Thank-You cards & Personal Notes) is the lowest cost customized way. Sincere blessings make consumers feel warm and caring, and brands can also appeal to consumers, increase brand interactivity.

Brand e-commerce companies can also include product usage methods in the product packaging to help e-commerce buyers/consumers get started more easily. For example, skin care brand Journ provides consumers with product instructions/introductions.


7. Brand e-commerce packaging is consistent with brand style

The e-commerce fresh food brand Sun Basket maintains consistency with the brand style in terms of card/use introduction.


Brand e-commerce must agree on the packaging with the brand style in order to make e-commerce buyers/consumers more impressive. Because e-commerce packaging changes too frequently in style, it is easy for consumers to confuse what brand they are buying.

Just like the e-commerce fresh food brand Sun Basket, the details of e-commerce product packaging/cards/use introduction are consistent with the brand style, so that consumers who buy Sun Basket see this box packaging and immediately think of “This is Sun Basket”.

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