How to Avoid 4 Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Mailer Boxes


Packaging represents the most visual perception of what your product is. That makes it even more important to create a custom mailer box that serve as a “purchase incentive” for a client. If you designed it perfectly, it can undoubtedly help boom your business. If not, it will not only put your customers off but also cost you much time, effort and money.


To maximize your custom mailer box’ benefits, this article will help you avoid the following 4 mistakes  that most businesses tend to make when they design mailer boxes, and guide you to navigate in an effective way.


Mistake 1   Oversized Boxes


Do you think bigger equals better? Do you follow the policy of “one size fit all”? If so, correct it before it’s too late. The bigger doesn’t means the better, but the fit does. Boxes larger than necessary not just cost you much but annoy their end-users as well. Imagine that you are unwrapping a large mailer box, expecting that a big surprise is waiting for you, but the result is just a tiny item. What a huge gap!


Besides, oversized boxes give your products more room to move around, which are potential to be damaged during transit.


How to Do


Before choosing the size of the box, you have to know what style of the box is suitable for your product. If your product is small- or medium-sized and you are striving to elevate your clients’ unboxing experience, the mailer box is your ideal choice—both from user-friendly and a budget consideration.


If you sell products in a range of sizes, choose multiple size options tailored to your various products, which will show your attention to details and better keep your products from being damaged.


According to the nature of your product—fragile or strong, it’s better to opt for different thickness of mailer boxes.



Mistake 2  Complicated Packaging


Just think about how your customers would feel if they get an item out of packaging with excessive bubble-wrap and twist ties. The hard-to-open packaging is most likely to bring immense frustration and an unpleasant experience for your consumers.


Excessive packaging leads to excessive waste. In this world that everyone pursues environmental protection, if you are against the culture with difficult packaging, it is ultimately damaging for your business growth. Make your corporate culture different in a positive way instead of a negative way.


How to Do


Your products are prone to leave a better impression when they arrive in simple, secure packaging without other materials that appear wasteful.


To cater for your target audience, the appropriate way is to use eco-friendly, minimalist packaging with inserts tailored to your items perfectly, which ensures the safety of your products without sacrificing the beauty of them.


Just remember minimalism is an important approach that enable to help make your product stand out.



Mistake 3  Unbranded boxes


Do you think the main functions of packaging are just protection and containment? If so, you’re missing out that a  mailer box  can also serve as a marketing tool to help promote your products. Research shows that the right packaging and messages can stimulate impulse buying.


With that said, you must seize the opportunity to communicate about your brand and company’s story with custom mailer box. Branded boxes with messages can differentiate your products from that of other competitors.


How to Do


As a communication medium between your product and the consumer, your mailer boxes required to be embellished with a creative image, personalized logo and brand message. These elements can bring an influx of sales and higher orders.


Additionally, a wide range of finishing options such as gloss, embossing, debossing, foiling, spot UV will shine your product and make them more alluring.


But you don’t have to add too much of them, as we said earlier, what your mailer box need is to be simple and to the point. Everything contained on your boxes should have a specific purpose with no redundant information.


Mistake 4   Wrong materials


Selecting the wrong materials is repeated time and again by a large number of manufacturers. One of the main reasons that branding elements do not look their best is the wrongly chosen materials.


When it comes to mailer boxes, you have three materials and five cardboard flute thicknesses to choose.


Kraft cardboard with a classic brown look is not friendly to color-heavy images. Some companies who use this kind of cardboard to print bright colors resulted in the images are muted.


Single-walled cardboard doesn’t suitable for all. Choosing cardboard that is not thick enough can cause damage to the box and to your products.


How to Do


If you are pursuing the perfect presentation of your design, the premium white can fulfill your demand since it is brighter and glossier than standard white, which is better for printing colors than kraft.


If you are selling organic goods, kraft may be the ideal choice for you considering that its natural look matches your brand can to a large extent raise your brand awareness.




Packaging mistakes can be costly and wasteful. Instead of correcting mistakes, avoid them before ordering your boxes.


If you’re still not sure how to create a helpful mailer box, just contact us and send your information about your product.

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