How Can You Guarantee Your Poly Mailers Are Qualified?

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Worried about the quality of the custom poly mailers you ordered? Quality is of the utmost importance when ordering custom poly mailers. As a trusted supplier, we take quality inspection seriously, to ensure your order meets rigorous standards for quality assurance.


Inspection criteria of the poly mailer envelopes include checking dimensions, printing, film as well as other quality concerns to guarantee superior results every time! Following are some important aspects.



Both the length and width of poly mailers shall be critically measured during the inspection. There is a 3mm tolerance that can’t be exceeded.



To ensure the quality of the poly mailer, it is necessary to use a professional micrometer to measure the thickness. As an example, for a 6 cmm poly mailer we allow margins at +/-0.4 cmm, and if the range is exceeded the product is not qualified.


Film Color

Ensuring that film color meets the highest of standards, professional equipment is used to inspect and verify product color.


Ink saturation

The ink should not be too dull or too bright in order to create an even and consistent display. If the ink is applied with an optimal level of saturation, it will result in a smooth, full coverage that will make any poly mailer look professional.


Ink adhesion

To assess ink adhesion, we adhere a specific tape to the printing surface and stretch align it slightly, and examine how much of the ink layer was pulled off for an accurate measure. Rubbing both surfaces together multiple times can also be used as another method in determining if there is sufficient ink adherence.


Stretching force of film

Stretching force of poly mailer film is critical to ensure that our poly mailers reach their destinations unharmed. To ensure that the poly mailers will maintain their shape once filled with products, we professionally assess the tensile strength of the film in both vertical and horizontal directions.


poly mailer


Firmness of edge sealing

Edge sealing is an important part of poly mailer production, as it affects the strength and durability of the packages. A violence test is often involved in the inspection, which examines poly mailers’ strength when subjected to different levels of force.


Firmness of sealer

Firmness of the poly mailer sealer is a key factor in avoiding any mishaps on its journey, making sure items arrive safely and in perfect condition!


Package N’ Go is your go-to source for custom poly mailers, whether you need one poly mailer or thousands. Our professional staff ensures the strictest quality inspection so that you can rest assured that your poly mailers are up to your standards. We know how important it is to make sure every poly mailer is perfect before it’s used in shipping – which is why we take the quality inspection so seriously.


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