How Spot Uv Spots More Target Audience for Your Product

spot uv

When it comes to custom boxes, you may notice the option of Spot UV Coating. Do you have a question that what exactly spot UV is and whether to consider it for printing? If you do, this blog will uncover the secrets of spot UV for you.

What is spot UV?

Spot UV is one of the popular printing techniques. Dried with ultraviolet light, it add a glossy coating to the targeted spots or areas, giving them an extra protective layer and making colors more vibrant.

spot uv applied for logo

What is it applied to?

Spot UV coating is highly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of printed designs and materials. The only option where it’s not recommended is on gloss lamination, which is shiny enough to relatively mute the effect of spotUV.


If spot UV is applied to the logo of your custom boxes, the logo will get a glossy sheen. That helps your brand stand out from the crowd. To highlight your logo yet not be that flamboyant, spotUV is an effective and affordable option for you.

Image of product

If spotUV is added to the specific image of your product, leaving its background in matte, the subject will be the most prominent one on your box. Imagine that a consumer is browsing the shelf in a supermarket or a mall, and then something shining comes into his or her view, which probably drives him or her to pay more attention to it. That should be the image of your product with a shiny coating, which instantly differentiates yours from others.

spot uv applied for image

Matte lamination

This is the most commonly used material to serve as the background for spot UV. The gloss of spotUV makes a great contrast with the subdued matte substrate, especially when the later is in dark color. In this way, the certain area you add UV coating presents at its best.

The applications of spotUV are not limited to the above we mentioned. You can also unlock more and we can make it real as long as it’s better for your promotion.

What benefits does it bring to you?

Shiny key elements

It is undoubtedly the main benefit spot UV brings to you. The additional process of spotUV shines the key elements on your box like logo and images, as well as offers an eye-catching appeal to engage your target audience.

More vibrant colors

With a glossy appearance, spot UV makes colors of your designs look brighter and livelier. It also seals the colors in and lessens sunlight and moisture. That is also the reason why most people who want their designs to pop and to keep vivid opt for spot UV.

A protective layer

Packaging is inevitable to be handled often, and that requires something protective for your designs. Spot UV is a great way to add a protective layer over the important areas of your box. The layer prevents the spots from smudging and wearing, and helps them stay in best condition.

Spot UV seems to cost you more to your customizing process in the short run, but you actually get more from it in the long run since your products becomes more durable and looks more striking, which will help bring you more customers and generate more revenues for you.

UV printing is just one of the many types of coating options, you can also learn about other printing techniques and choose the most suitable for you. If you have no clue about how to choose, just contact us and we will give you a through explanation to make sure your finished boxes look perfect.

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