This unique cat house is made of cardboard entirely and requires a lot of cardboard. I’m sure you all have a lot of useless cardboard boxes, don’t throw them away, follow the tutorial below and use all cardboard for your cat Build a big house. The structure of this cat house is very stable, I believe your cat will like it.

Tools: compasses, rulers, pencils, cutters, white glue, a lot of corrugated cardboard.

1. Cut 38 discs from the cardboard, and gradually become smaller. The largest one is 21.5 cm, all the next one must be 5 mm smaller than the previous one. So the second is 21 cm, the third is 20.5 cm, and so on.

2. Except for the largest and smallest discs, cut out the middle of all the other discs so that the border width is 4 cm.

3.Cut at least 7 more discs the same size as the base, and hollow out the middle.

4.Now, make the base first

5. Continue to add all other rings in order from largest to smallest.

6.When all the parts are placed, this is the resulting appearance.

7.Now consider the part of the door in the cat house. Starting from the top, count down 20 floors.

8.Draw a mark on this part to draw the shape of the door. Make sure to draw a mark on each piece of cardboard. Make the door as large as possible. The most important thing is that it is large enough for your cat to pass through.

9. On each circle, draw a line according to your mark. As shown in the figure, the lines must be straight lines.

10. Cut the line where the circle is drawn.

11.Again, stack all the materials back, making sure to place them in the correct position. Then you will see the finished door.

12.Finally, glue these materials together with white glue.

13. After the glue is completely dry, the cardboard cat house is complete! You can put a pillow or blanket in it and let the cat try it!









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