The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Boxes

The ultimate guide to shipping boxes

Are you having trouble getting your product boxes to ship out smoothly? You’re not alone! Shipping is critical for any business, but it can be a tough process to navigate—especially when dealing with large, fragile items and in this Shipping Boxes also plays major role.

This passage will provide the essential guide on how to choose right packaging and ship products of all shapes and sizes – so you can ensure that your customers receive their orders in pristine condition.

Keep reading for helpful tips on how to optimize box size and shape selection, pick the perfect packing material, make sure items are secure during transport, and more!


What are shipping boxes?

Shipping boxes are rectangular or square containers that are created for shipping goods. They are typically made out of corrugated cardboard and are used to protect the contents during transit. There are a variety of different types of shipping boxes, each of which is designed for a specific type of merchandise.

How shipping boxes benefit you?

Shipping boxes offer countless advantages that could make all the difference for you. Your business can soar to new heights with the help of a shipping box! This simple item offers numerous benefits, allowing you to take advantage of increased efficiency, cost savings and more.


Reduce Shipping Costs

One of the main benefits of using shipping boxes is that they can help reduce your shipping costs. This is because you don’t need as much packaging material when using a sturdy box versus an envelope or other flimsy option.


Additionally, many online retailers offer discounted rates on orders that include large amounts of boxes and packing materials, so it pays to do your research before making any purchases.


Increased Protection

Shipping boxes provide increased protection for products during transit. This is especially important if you’re shipping fragile items such as glassware or electronics that need extra padding and cushioning to prevent them from being damaged in transit. 


By investing in high quality shipping containers, you can ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination without any damage or breakage

Better Branding Opportunities

Shipping boxes are often overlooked as an effective way to promote brand awareness, when in reality they serve as your business’s ambassadors! When used wisely, these thoughtful packaging solutions can be a powerful marketing tool.

Custom Shipping boxes are a great way to create brand awareness and recognition among target audience. By printing logos, slogans, or other branding elements on the outside of your shipping containers, you can create a powerful visual reminder of your company whenever someone receives one of your packages in the mail. 

This type of branding helps create positive associations with customers who may not be familiar with your business yet but will recognize it when they see it again in the future.  

Investing in brand – specific shipping boxes may have an upfront cost, but it’s a sure way to guarantee your shipments arrive safely and maintain a strong reputation with both existing customers as well as potential new ones. Invest today for long term business growth!


What are shipping boxes used for?

A box for anything and everything – shipping boxes accommodate goods of all sizes, from big to small. Not only that, but they make especially great choices for bulky items since they are cost-effective in comparison with other box styles. 


You can trust them to cushion your goods correctly throughout the entire journey to arriving safely in their destination!

Don’t limit your imagination and explore the different capacities of a shipping box, which could broaden your mailing possibilities significantly.


What types of shipping boxes available?

With a world of shipping box styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect packaging solution for your product!


Customizing two punch handle holes on each side of the shipping box makes it easy to transport your items. For maximum protection against breakage, add dividers or inserts – perfect for packaging those precious fragile pieces like wine!


shipping box

How to choose the right size

When selecting a box for your business, it’s essential to remember that even tiny fractions of an inch can make or break the perfect fit. To find just the right size shipper box, measure your items and add at least 1 cm – unless you’re dealing with boxes containing inserts! In those cases be sure to contact us so our experts can steer you in the right direction.

What makes shipping boxes?

Shipping boxes, similar to the structure of mailer box, offer the eco-friendly and reliable packaging solution, bringing a multi-layered cardboard structure to your courier needs.


Their construction consists of two-layer flat cardboard interlocked with one corrugated sheet, in three varieties based on type of cardboard and thickness. Perfectly providing both safety from impacts as well as sustainability for future generations!


Natural kraft cardboard provides a classic, earthy canvas for showcasing organic products. The recycled material is suitable for designs with darker tones as vibrant colors may be dulled on the rich brown surface. An effortless way to promote and protect your greenest endeavors!


Standard white:

With a traditional matte finish and crisp white shade, standard white cardboard is an optimal choice for any vibrant designs. Its smooth surface works in perfect harmony with all colors to bring your color-rich images to life!

Premium white:

If vibrancy is your priority, premium white cardboard with a glossy coating boasts superior brightness compared to standard white. 

It’s the ideal choice for full-color designs that require intense color saturation, making sure each and every bright hue stands out boldly from the page.


shipping box1

Cardboard’s strength and ability to withstand shock is directly correlated with its thickness – the thicker it is, the better able it can protect your goods.

How are shipping boxes made?

Step 1:Printing

Our high-end printing equipment and advanced technology ensure that whatever type of cardboard you choose, your design will be presented to wow your customers. Whether you opt for kraft or white cardboard, we’ve got you covered; flexography printing is used for the former and offset printing is ideal for the latter. 


Showcase your products with vibrant images and a clear company logo imprinted on shipping boxes to add an extra touch of aesthetics that’s sure to impress!

You can add something extra special by opting for complex bindings such as spot UV, glitter or foil stamping – perfect finishes that will draw more attention from customers. That will be processed after printed images.

Step 2:Composite

To achieve a strong bond between two pieces of cardboard and corrugated sheet, composite them into one piece using an adhesive. Securely flattened with a heavy object to prevent any bending or deformation, the composited material must be allowed to naturally dry for over forty-eight hours in order to create lasting cohesion.

Step 3: Die-cutting

Die-cutting is an essential part of crafting the perfect product – ensuring boxes are cut to exacting specifications. Blunt and sharp blades come together, marking edges with precision whilst creating folds that lock into place for a flawless finish.

To safeguard against any product anomalies, our in-house experts put each box through comprehensive inspections and testing. 

By failing to pass the pressure test from a die machine, we guarantee that only perfect boxes are produced – guaranteeing top of the line quality for mass production.

Step 4:Box Cutting and Making

The final step of box making is not a simple one. It takes expertise and specialized equipment to ensure that the boxes are put together precisely, creating a perfect form. Our trained professionals use cutting-edge technology to guarantee accuracy in every detail so you can rest assured your packaging will make an impact!

Transform your delivery process and jumpstart a packaging revolution with our custom shipping boxes – two or three-dimensional. Simply let us know which one is ideal for you. Create your custom packaging without any hassle by clicking here today!

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