Tips of International Shipping – 3 Sections of International Shipping Ⅱ

international shipping

E-commerce businesses recognize the vital role of effective packaging solutions. From poly mailers to rigid boxes, there is a multitude of options available. For large orders that are expensive locally, many owners turn overseas for suppliers who can provide cost efficiency without sacrificing product standards.


Package N’ Go is proud to provide you with some international shipping tips for your large purchases from other countries! With the right knowledge, it’s possible to receive shipments of products efficiently and cost-effectively no matter where in the world they originate. Enhance your understanding so that every order can be successfully delivered without delay or undue expense.



The second major section of international shipping – the main shipping section

In international trade, international shipping is divided into three major sections. Last time we talked about the first section, the local section. And today we will study the second major section – the main shipping section.


The main shipping section refers to the section from POL, Port of Origin, to POD, Port of Destination.

Products in this section are mainly shipped via air or sea, as well as rail (such as China-European train),  truck transport (such as cross-border trucking between China and Southeast Asia), and even a combination of these methods using multimodal transportation for flexible options.

Please note that air and sea freight each come in both direct and transit options. In certain cases, goods can be transported by truck between the port of transshipment to POD.


The corresponding costs in this section are mainly air freight or sea freight and surcharges.


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With a little understanding of international shipping, you can be in control and make confident decisions when buying goods from abroad.


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