Tips of International Shipping – 3 Sections of International Shipping Ⅲ

international shipping

Packaging plays a major role in the success of any e-commerce business. Fortunately, there are plenty of options – poly mailers, bubble mailers, paperboard boxes, and rigid boxes to name but a few! You can even make big savings by sourcing your requirements from suppliers overseas since large amounts usually carry greater efficiency when it comes to cost-effectiveness.


Finding ways to safely and cost-effectively ship items from overseas can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Package N’Go has got you covered! Through international shipping tips, we arm customers with the knowledge necessary for successful global delivery of large orders – so you don’t have to stress about where your products are going or at what expense.

The third major section of international shipping – the destination section

In international trade, international shipping is divided into three major sections. In the previous blogs, we introduced the first section- the local section, and the second section-main shipping section. And today we will study the third major section – the destination section.


This section mainly refers to the process from the POD, Port of Destination to the consignee’s factory or warehouse. And the main actions in this segment include:

– A series of operations for the goods at the port of destination

– Customs broker accepts the commission and completes the import customs clearance

– Consignee/forwarder transports the goods from the port of destination to the factory/warehouse

The corresponding costs in this section mainly include operation fees at the port of destination like bill exchange and unpacking etc. and import customs clearance fees as well as tail section transportation fees.


Package N’ Go, your packaging solution expert


With the right knowledge of international shipping basics, you’ll soon be able to confidently make informed decisions with ease!


Package N’ Go is your go-to for all things packaging and shipping. We offer custom poly mailers, custom bubble mailers, and various custom boxes – no matter what you need to package up, we have a solution! Plus our creative design process helps bring brands into the spotlight with custom e-commerce packages that truly stand out from the crowd. With fulfillment services around the world, it’s never been easier to feel reassured about tackling global distribution like a pro with Package N’ Go at your side!

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