Tips of International Shipping – 3 Sections of International ShippingⅠ

International Shipping

Packaging is extremely important to today’s e-commerce businesses, and there is a variety of different packaging solutions like poly mailers, bubble mailers, paperboard boxes, and rigid boxes…providing solutions for you in different situations. Since the amounts used are often very large and they are expensive to purchase locally, many business owners would choose international shippings.


When you purchase large quantities of packaging products from another country, how do your orders get to you across the world and how can you ensure that they are shipped efficiently and at affordable prices? This would require you to understand some of the basic knowledge of international shippings. At Package N’ Go, we’ll occasionally share some international shipping tips to help you with your purchases.


The first major section of international shipping – the local section

In international trade, international shippings is divided into three major sections, and today we will study the first major section – the local section.


The local section, also known as the local departure section, mainly refers to the section from the factory or warehouse of the exporter to POL, the port of loading. This part of transportation is crucial for getting cargo on its journey and involves key steps such as shipment handling and preparation. And the main actions of this section include:

– Consignor/freight forwarder sending the goods from the factory to the port of loading
– Customs broker accepts the consignor’s commission and completes the export customs declaration
– Cargoes on board the ship or plane

Well, in the actual operations, there will be more detailed steps and node divisions. And the corresponding local costs would include factory-to-port delivery fees (freight forwarder’s pickup fees), customs clearance fees, operation fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

When transporting freight internationally, unexpected events such as customs inspections can create additional expenses. There ofter will be a “reimbursement” clause in the quotations to customers which states that any fees incurred during the process will be reimbursed accordingly.


We hope the tips we provide here can make it easier for you to purchase goods globally. By understanding the basics of international shipping, you can make decisions better and faster.


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