What to Choose : Mailer Box Vs Shipping Box

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what are mailer boxes

Mailer boxes are lightweight, corrugated cardboard boxes designed to hold and protect products during shipping.

what are shipping boxes

Shipping boxes are heavier-duty cardboard that offer more robust protection for larger goods. Their walls are commonly thicker than those of mailer boxes.

mailer boxes

shipping boxes

Pros : 

Mailer boxes are designed to provide basic protection while remaining lightweight and easy to pack.

Pros : 

cons :

Mailer boxes are self-locking and lack sealing tape like shipping boxes have. This means that they are more susceptible to damage during transit, as well as theft.

Shipping boxes offer heavier duty protection than mailer boxes due to their thicker walls which makes them ideal for packing. They offer strength, protection, and flexibility for shipping goods.

These bulky containers occupy extra storage when not in use and require more effort to seal making them less convenient.

cons :

Which is More Economical for Your Budget?

While mailer boxes certainly have their uses, they require more material and effort to manufacture, driving up the final cost. By contrast, shipping boxes are simpler and less expensive overall.

Which Offers a More Memorable Unboxing Experience?

mailer boxes

These types of packaging give customers a sense of convenience as they can quickly open their item without having to struggle with heavy or bulky containers.

shipping boxes

Shipping boxes on the other hand, offer heavier duty protection due to their thicker walls and sealed tape.


What Design Features Should You Look For When Choosing a Mailer or Shipping Box?

Mailer boxes often require less material and effort to construct than shipping boxes – so they can be used as an opportunity to add a touch of creativity.


Shipping boxes are often overlooked as an opportunity to promote your business, but personalizing them with a logo or image can leave customers feeling valued – and help spread brand recognition.



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