Will The Difference Between Shipping Box And Mailer Box Rule Your Business?

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Are you struggling with packaging between custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes? Mailer boxes and shipping boxes are both excellent alternatives for shipping products. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, this passage will assist you solve the problem.



Mailer boxes are commonly thin and light, which is easy to carry and user-friendly. While shipping boxes are normally square or long, they stand on volume side housing more commodities but they are a little hard to hold. That being said, either shipping boxes or mailer boxes are available for customized sizes.



The two boxes have the basic function of shipping and containment in common. Mailer boxes work better for light or small items, including electronic, clothing and cosmetics. If your product is too big for a standard mailer box, shipping box is waving at you as its main job is to ship a heavyweight or bulky item. As for those fragile items, you may consider additional inserts or fillers to keep them from damage.


a shipping box and a mailer box



With flaps and wings, mailer boxes make opening and locking a piece of cake. Since they don’t need any adhesives, it’s convenient for customers to reuse them. However, they are not sealed well like shipping boxes, which require tape or glue to keep sealed. That is the main reason why shipping boxes are more shipping-resistant than mailer boxes.



As long as your product is not that big and heavy, a custom mailer box should be your first choice considering budget and marketing effect. Most people enjoy the experience of receiving gifts, a mailer box make it easier to cater to your consumers, delivering them an exciting unwrapping experience.


Although unboxing a shipping box seems not so better as a mailer box, it can also help when your customers order a combo of products. If you brand the shipping box, it can go a long way for your business as a brand ambassador.


Whether to select mailer boxes or shipping boxes, the quality we offer is guaranteed. Both of them are sturdy, durable and affordable, and have their unique characteristics that the other don’t. Just choose a custom box the most suitable for your specific product to differentiate your brand from others.


Before you create a box, try to avoid some errors that can be against your business mentioned in the previous article. If you have any other question or request, just contact us!

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