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custom bubble mailers

Custom bubble mailers provide cushioning and protection for items through their structure and materials. The bubble layer absorbs impacts, disperses pressure, and offers a soft surface to safeguard items during transit.

What are the structure and materials of custom bubble mailers?

The outer layer is made of durable and tear-resistant materials. It provides a protective barrier against external impacts and pressure.

1. Outer Layer

2. Bubble Layer

These lightweight and transparent bubbles provide several advantages, such as moisture-proofing and effectively buffering the goods inside, protecting them from shocks or damages during the shipping process.

What are the advantages of bubbles?

Shock absorption

Protection effect

Pressure dispersion

Waterproof and moisture resistance





Items that can be shipped in custom bubble mailers

Customized bubble mailers are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of items for shipping. They provide cushioning and protection, making them suitable for various products.

Are bubble mailers recyclable?

By reusing bubble mailers, you can save on packaging costs and minimize waste, promoting cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Before recycling bubble mailers, remember to remove any non-recyclable elements, such as plastic or paper labels.

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