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How custom bubble mailers give cushioning & protection for items?

How do custom bubble mailers provide cushioning and protection for items?


Custom bubble mailers have gained popularity as a packaging option due to their ability to withstand the harsh realities of shipping. Whether it is to cushion fragile items or to protect goods during transit, these envelopes are a reliable solution. Their unique structure allows for improved protection, and their customizability with logos or branding can help businesses maintain a professional image.

Custom bubble mailers, regardless of size, are a reliable and practical option for anyone seeking assurance during the shipping process.

Custom bubble mailers provide cushioning and protection for items through their structure and materials. The bubble layer absorbs impacts, disperses pressure, and offers a soft surface to safeguard items during transit. The outer layer protects against scratches, abrasion, and provides waterproof and moisture-resistant properties. Bubble mailers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe delivery of items by mitigating the risks associated with shipping.

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Custom bubble mailers consist of two main layers: an outer layer and a bubble layer.

The outer layer is made of durable and tear-resistant materials. It provides a protective barrier against external impacts and pressure.

As indicated by the materials of the film, bubble mailers come in a multitude of varieties, including kraft bubble mailers, co-extruded bubble mailers (poly bubble mailers), pearlescent bubble mailers, and metallic bubble mailers, which can be upgraded to laser bubble mailers by incorporating specialized procedures.

The bubble layer is the crucial component of bubble mailers. It is manufactured using high-pressure polyethylene along with whitening agents and other additives under heat conditions of up to 230 degrees. These lightweight and transparent bubbles provide several advantages, such as moisture-proofing and effectively buffering the goods inside, protecting them from shocks or damages during the shipping process.

A typical bubble in the bubble layer of a bubble mailer has a diameter ranging from 6 to 10 mm and a height of 2 to 3 mm. The taller the bubble, the more effective it is at absorbing impacts during handling, providing enhanced shock absorption capabilities.

The design of the bubble layer provides effective cushioning for items during transit. The arrangement of small bubbles helps absorb and distribute external impacts, preventing direct vibrations and shocks from reaching the enclosed items.

custom bubble mailers

The bubble layer acts as a barrier, isolating vibrations and impacts by absorbing and dispersing external forces, minimizing their impact on the items inside.

The multitude of bubbles creates a uniform distribution of pressure, reducing the concentration of pressure on specific areas. This ensures that the items receive balanced protection throughout the shipping process.

The soft and flexible surface of the bubble layer gently envelops the items, providing a protective cushion and minimizing direct contact with rough surfaces. This helps to prevent scratches and other damage during handling and transportation.

Custom bubble mailers offer comprehensive protection against various risks encountered during shipping.

The outer layer of the mailer is specifically designed to resist scratching and withstand abrasion. It acts as a robust shield, providing a protective barrier against external objects that could potentially damage the items.

The use of plastic materials in the outer layer grants bubble mailers excellent waterproof and moisture-resistant properties. This effectively prevents liquids from seeping into the mailer, safeguarding the items from potential water-related damage.

custom bubble mailers

Customized bubble mailers are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of items for shipping. They provide cushioning and protection, making them suitable for various products. Small electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and accessories, can be securely shipped using bubble mailers. Delicate jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings benefit from the cushioning provided by bubble mailers. Cosmetics, beauty products, and small fashion accessories can also be safely transported using these mailers.

Additionally, bubble mailers are ideal for shipping small home decor items, crafts, art supplies, books, stationery, toys, and collectibles. Fragile items like glassware and ceramics can be protected during shipping with the help of bubble mailers. They are also useful for shipping small parts and components. By selecting the appropriate size, custom bubble mailers ensure a proper fit and optimum protection for the items being shipped.

The variation in texture between bumpy and smooth bubble mailers can be attributed to their manufacturing technique. Foaming is employed in the production of bumpy bubble mailers, whereas smooth ones do not undergo this process. Foaming imparts enhanced shock resistance and visual appeal to the bubble mailers, albeit at a relatively higher cost.

However, it is not advisable to utilize foaming for manufacturing bubble mailers using aluminum foil film and laser film weighing less than 160g, or co-extruded film weighing below 85g. This is because it may result in a compromised aesthetic appearance and the formation of bubbles within bubbles. Moreover, it could lead to inadequate lamination between the film and air bubbles, potentially causing air leakage.

The cost of custom bubble mailers can be calculated based on several factors. While the exact pricing may vary depending on the supplier and specific customization options, here are some common factors that can influence the cost:

Size and dimensions: The size of the custom bubble mailer will impact the amount of material required and the production costs. Larger mailers generally require more materials, resulting in higher costs.

Material and quality: Prices can vary according to different materials. And higher quality materials often offer better protection but may come at a higher cost.

Customization options: If you choose additional customization options, such as printed logos, colors, or special designs, the cost may increase.

Order quantity: The quantity of custom bubble mailers ordered can affect the cost. Ordering in larger quantities may lead to volume discounts or reduced unit costs compared to smaller orders.

To obtain an accurate cost estimate for your personalized bubble mailer bags, simply visit our website, where you can swiftly calculate the bubble mailer price.

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As a startup, it can be challenging to navigate the logistics of ordering packaging supplies, especially when it comes to reaching the minimum order quantity (MOQ) set by suppliers.

Fortunately, at Package N’ Go, we understand this concern and offer the lowest MOQ in the industry for custom bubble mailers. With a minimum order quantity of just 5000 pieces, you can customize your packaging to make your brand stand out while keeping costs low. Don’t let minimum order quantity deter you from investing in professional packaging for your products. Contact us at Package N’ Go to learn more about our custom bubble mailers and MOQ options.

Bubble mailers are designed to withstand multiple uses. Many bubble mailers feature double self-sealing strips and tear lines, allowing for easy opening and resealing. By reusing bubble mailers, you can save on packaging costs and minimize waste, promoting cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

While not all recycling programs accept bubble mailers, they can still be recycled through specialized recycling collection facilities. To determine whether your local recycling program accepts bubble mailers, consult the recycling guidelines or reach out to recycling centers in your area. Before recycling bubble mailers, remember to remove any non-recyclable elements, such as plastic or paper labels.

By reusing bubble mailers and recycling them appropriately, you actively contribute to waste reduction and support sustainable practices. It is crucial to follow your local recycling guidelines for the correct disposal of bubble mailers.

At Package N’ Go, we prioritize the significance of delivering tailor-made packaging solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ specific needs. Our extensive range of offerings includes custom poly mailers, custom mailer boxes, custom bubble mailers, tear-open boxes, and more. Regardless of your requirements, we possess the ideal solution to cater to your packaging needs. By partnering with us, you can elevate your business’s packaging to new heights.

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