the ultimate guide to

custom poly mailers

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WHAt is a poly mailer?

The poly mailer is one of the most well-liked and economical ways to transport items from e-commerce. They are lightweight polyethylene packaging envelopes that are strong, durable, and flexible, and are a popular packaging choice. Due to their lower cost and ease of storage, poly mailers are frequently utilized as an alternative shipping method.

Moisture Resistant

POly mailer characterstics

Strong Adhesive


Custom Packaging

a) moisture resistant

Poly mailers provide a waterproof, moisture resistant solution; helping to eliminate product damage.

b) strong adhesive

Poly mailers have a strong self-sealing adhesive closure, which helps to save valuable time and keep products secure with added security.

c) recyclable

Poly mailers can be recycled; and they often contain post-consumer material. If by design, they can also be reused. 

Custom packaging that uses branding helps your shipments stand out. Like boxes, poly mailers can include your logo, colors, and imagery if you desire a sleek look.

d) custom packaging