The Ultimate Guide To Tear Open Box

By: Package N'Go

This ultimate guide has all you need to know about the incredible versatility of tear open boxes - from their major benefits, through every type available and how they're made. Get ready for box-opening bliss!

Benefits Of Tear Open Box

1. Tear open box is time-saving design and don't required tape or glue to seal shut. 2. Tear open box is highly customizable and you can also choose different colors, size and graphics. 3.Tear open box are theif-proof, with their strip that once opened cannot be closed.  4. Your customer will be giddy with excitement as they tear open packing to explore the winders inside.

Use Of Tear Open Box

If you combine custom tear open boxes and paperboard boxes, the possibilities are truly endless! From snack items to blind box sets; books to electronics - whatever your product may be, there's a package solution for it.

How To Choose Right Size Tear Open Box.

Begin by measuring the item you intend to box at it longest, widest and tallest points to determine the dimensions that you will need.

What Make Tear Open Boxes

There are many available tear open boxes materials to choose from! If your products are light in weight, such as snacks, provided you with excellent performance, SBS and CCNB would be both ideal options. But if you need extra protection for heavier items like shoes, investing in a corrugated cardboard box with various thickness options is your best option for keeping your product safe. 

What's Next?

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