The Ultimate Guide to Tear open box

tear open box

Packaging can make or break a product. It’s the final, tangible impression that you leave with your customers and it needs to be impactful. 


So, why not let tearing open become an exciting experience? The key lies in customizing an effective tear open box – one that effortlessly opens up to reveal all its treasures inside!


This ultimate guide has all you need to know about the incredible versatility of tear open boxes – from their major benefits, through every type available and how they’re made. Get ready for box-opening bliss!

What Is a Tear Open Box?

A tear open box is a type of cardboard packaging that as the name suggests can be easily opened by tear. With its simple design, it makes unpacking a product quick and easy; no need to find scissors or tear apart plastic wrappings. 


From groceries to electronics and even apparel, tear open boxes are commonly used for many types of items due to their convenience. They save time and provide an effortless user experience – perfect for busy people who want their packages opened right away!

How Tear Open Boxes Benefit You?

Time-Saving Design

One of the biggest advantages of tear open boxes is their time-saving design. Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, tear open boxes don’t require tape or glue to seal shut. This makes them much faster and easier to put together and pack than traditional cardboard boxes—saving you both time and money in the long run. 


Plus, tear open boxes can be designed with perforated flaps that make them easy to assemble without any tools or special skills required. That means you can have your products packed and ready to ship in no time at all!

Customization & Flexibility

Tear open boxes come with the added benefit of being highly customizable—you can choose different colors, sizes, shapes, and graphics for your box depending on your needs. 


With this level of customization comes the opportunity for branding—your company logo or slogan can easily be printed onto your tear open box as an additional way to market your business and increase customer satisfaction levels.


Their flexibility makes them ideal for combination use with other box styles, such as paperboard boxes, mailer boxes, and shipping boxes. By utilizing tear open boxes as part of their product packaging solutions, businesses can make sure that their products are securely protected during shipping and storage while still providing customers with a convenient opening method.

Security Assurance

Tear open boxes are thief-proof, with their tear strip that once opened cannot be closed again. This is a secure option, ideal for guarding against any possible intervention of outside forces. Have peace of mind knowing that even if an attempted tampering does occur, your package will remain untouched – its contents safe. 


From ultra comfort lounge pants to medicine for Grandma; rest assured that no matter what you decide to put in the tear open box, a contented sigh will escape from your lips upon expecting its arrival safely to its destination.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will be giddy with excitement as they tear open packaging to explore the wonders inside. The sensation of anticipation as they carefully pull at each box to discover what’s hiding within is one of a kind. 


An unboxing experience that can’t be replicated! For them, it’ll be akin to opening up presents on Christmas morning. Give your customers the surprise and delight that come with opening up newly purchased items today!


What Are Tear Open Boxes Used For?

If you combine custom tear open boxes and paperboard boxes, the possibilities are truly endless! From snack items to blind box sets; books to electronics – whatever your product may be, there’s a package solution for it. 


Our beautifully designed packages can feature any design or print you’d like – plus they’re incredibly functional too! No more dealing with extra taping when using our shipping zippered option as well. 


All in all, let us help make sure that even before customers experience your products firsthand – their first impression will already be an amazing one!

What Types of Tear Open Boxes Available?

Tear open boxes can be made in a variety of styles and designs, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect package for your product.


We don’t just stop at those pre-determined styles either – if you have something more unique in mind, no worries! 


Just let us know what exactly you’re envisioning and we’ll make it happen. From subtle styling to eye-catching designs, tear open boxes from us will get your products noticed!


tear open box

How to Choose the Right Size.

Choosing a tear-open box that is too small for your items can be just as disastrous as selecting one that’s far too large. 


In the worst cases, your customer will be stuck figuring out how on Earth to fit their items into the box; in the best case, they’ll need to resupply with a bigger box. Thus, ensuring you choose the right sized shipper box is essential to your business’  success. 


To find that perfect box, carefully measure your item and add at least 1 cm of room before ordering – unless said item comes with inserts such as plastic cases or inner packing – in which case you should absolutely contact our experts for guidance on finding a perfectly fitting tear-open box.


What Makes Tear Open Boxes?

There are many available tear open boxes materials to choose from! If your products are light in weight, such as snacks, provided you with excellent performance, SBS and CCNB would be both ideal options. 


But if you need extra protection for heavier items like shoes, investing in a corrugated cardboard box with various thickness options is your best option for keeping your product safe.


Regardless of whether your products are super light or extremely heavy, tear open boxes materials will help make sure that everything item fits securely part of your supply chain.

tear open box

How Are Tear Open Boxes Made?

Step 1:Printing

For a truly eye-catching design, it’s necessary to create printed images to wow your customers. Our printing equipment and advanced technology ensure that whichever type of cardboard you choose, the results will be nothing short of amazing. 

Whatever the style – whether it’s kraft or white cardboard – we’ve got you covered; flexography printing is used for the kraft while offset printing creates stunning visuals when used on white cardboard. Step up your packaging presentation game with bold prints, memorable colour combinations and display your company logo with pride on every tear open box!

Taking the extra step to add a complex binding such as spot UV, glitter, or foil stamping to your printed images is sure to make a statement. These special finishes will captivate your target audience and draw them in for a closer look. Each of these options offers something unique, from the metallic shine of foil stamping to the eye-catching sparkle of glitter.

Step 2:Composite

This step is for boxes made from corrugated material, requiring to combine two pieces of cardboard and corrugated sheet into one unified piece. For a guaranteed cohesion, use a strong adhesive and then flatten with something heavy. This will also prevent any forms of bending or deformation. 


To take it one step further, allow the newly composed masterpiece to air-dry for two days – that way, the connection between them will be extra secure!

Step 3: Die-cutting

Die-cutting is like a dance; sharp, precise movements create a perfect result to behold. Blades sharp as blades can be move with rhythm and grace, leaving edges marked in precise fashion that lock into place with an intricate fold. 


It’s essential for getting the perfect product: each box that emerges from this delightful melee boasts the finest of details. In one swift movement, combined forces bring it all together for an almost magical finish. That’s die-cutting!


The tear strips that make tear open boxes unique are made in one simple step – the die-cutting method. This option is inexpensive and straightforward, but if you need extra security, there’s another tear strip procedure that involves adding OPE tape. This more time consuming route increases cost, but provides an extra level of assurance. 


So no matter what type of tear strip you choose for your tear open box, you’re sure to get the perfect package for whatever needs protecting!

tear open box
tear open box

Step 4:Box Cutting and Making

It is the final and most vital step, allowing tear open boxes to take form. It may appear straightforward, but the real skill comes into play as it determines how your box will turn out – this is where we excel! With our specialist equipment at hand, we know what needs to be done in order to make sure your desired tear open box perfectly meets your expectations.

Whether you seek a two-dimensional or three-dimensional variant of your tear open box, our experienced team are equipped with the knowledge necessary to have it assembled in no time. We don’t just provide finished boxes – if you need them shipped unfolded that’s easily accommodated too!

Creating custom boxes is a fun and creative way to customize your product packaging. With custom boxes, you have the freedom to add unique features, custom shapes and sizes, and a personal touch to make sure your product jumps off the shelves. Not only that, but custom boxes also provide an avenue for businesses to promote their brand in a strategic way.

If you are looking for help designing custom boxes or packaging design, reach out to us! We will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about custom packaging.

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