Different Types Of Poly Mailers

Regular White Poly Mailers

Poly bags provide the perfect protective solution for lightweight, durable items that don’t require an extra layer of cushioning.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are the perfect packaging solution for shipping high-value items that need an extra layer of protection.

Poly Mailers With Handle

These mailers feature reinforced side seams and a practical handle, making them easier to hold and attach.

Expansion Poly Mailers

Expansion poly mailers provide a secure way of shipping bulky items as they are tear-resistant and feature a padded bottom.

Wicket Poly Mailers

Wicket poly mailers streamline the packing processes with their innovative design.

Returnable Poly Mailer

Returnable poly mailers are an invaluable option for businesses that have to deal with product returns from their customers.

Recycled Poly Mailer

Recycled poly mailers offer a unique opportunity to craft a sustainable yet stylish package with your desired brand’s logo

Biodegradable Poly Mailers

Biodegradable poly mailers are becoming increasingly popular as they can break down in nature over an undetermined amount of time

Kraft Mailer

Kraft Mailers are an increasingly popular, sustainable alternative to bulk poly mailers.

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