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Box Material , Size & Process Faq

Yes, all of our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Standard board strength comes in:

  • C Flute (Industry Standard). About 3/16” Thick
  • B Flute (Commonly used for medium sized mailer boxes). About ⅛” thick.
  • E Flute (Thinner material commonly used for smaller boxes under 6”). About 3/32” Thick
  • Standard double-wall and Heavy-Duty double-wall is approx. 5/16” thick or more.

Based on the size and style that you choose, we make an industry standard default selection for you, in order for your box to close evenly.

The cardboard thickness options we offer are as follows:

  • C Flute (Industry Standard): Approximately 3/16″ thick. This is commonly used for standard packaging requirements.
  • B Flute: Approximately 1/8″ thick. This is often chosen for medium-sized mailer boxes.
  • E Flute: Approximately 3/32″ thick. This thinner material is commonly used for smaller boxes, typically those under 6″ in size.
  • Standard double-wall and Heavy-Duty double-wall: Approximately 5/16″ thick or more. These options provide extra durability and strength for heavier or more fragile items.

Based on the size and style of the box you select, we will choose the appropriate industry standard default option to ensure proper closure and structural integrity.

Yes, we offer glossy finishes and many other finishing options. We can add a stunning visual texture to your box using high-quality four-color process labels, which can be printed with various finishes. We can also use clear laminates over your print that will make your boxes shine.


Kraft (brown) and Standard White both have a natural, matte material feel. Our premium clay-coated Dreamcoat material has a smoother soft-touch feel in comparison, as well as a pure white surface for the most vibrant printed color appearance.

Printed areas on our White and Kraft material options are cured to a durable satin finish to resist scratches and scuffs in transit. Deep and dark colors produce a high-level of satin, while pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle shimmer or nearly-matte effect.

Printed areas on our premium Dreamcoat material are cured to a semi gloss or HDPrint gloss finish, depending on the option you’ve selected for your order. Deep and dark colors produce a high-level of gloss, while pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle shimmer or nearly matte effect.

Both Standard White and Dreamcoat are white on the inside and outside. Kraft is a natural brown on the inside and outside. All material options are the same weight. We’ve included a few sample images below for quick reference, but if you would like to see more sample images of our materials just let us know! We’d be happy to share what we have in our archives. 🙂

If you would like to receive pre-printed, pre-sized samples to examine each material, along with our print quality and box structure functionality, please submit your request here

The appearance of the finish on your boxes will depend on the Material and Print Finish options you have selected. The ink density used in printing also contributes to the overall look and feel. Here is a summary of our current options and what you can expect from each:


  • Classic White & Natural Kraft: These materials have a matte finish on unprinted or blank areas. Printed areas will have a slight reflective quality due to the hardened, scratch-resistant surface of the cured ink. We refer to this as a satin finish.
  • Dreamcoat (Semi-Gloss): This premium material has a clay-coated surface, providing a soft-touch feel on unprinted areas. The semi-gloss finish gives printed colors a more saturated and vibrant appearance. It uses the same printing technology as our Classic White and Natural Kraft options.
  • Dreamcoat (HDPrint Gloss): Another option for Dreamcoat material, this utilizes new printing technology to achieve crisp, high-definition print quality. Ink-dense areas on this material will have a glossy shine.

These descriptions should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of the finish on your boxes based on the chosen options.

Depending on the box style you chose to purchase with us we’ll use different boards and papers, you may see all their specifications below:

– Mailer box: E-Flute 32 ECT (200 lbs TEST) – 1/16” thickness.
– Rigid Box: 0.50pt board + 80lbs (160m) litho paper – 1/16” thickness total.
– Shipping Box: B-Flute 32 ECT (200 lbs TEST) – 1/8” thickness.
– Folding Box: 18pt SBS Board.
Do you have a special request for another board thickness?
Contact us and our team will be more than happy to help you!

Our white board is white on both sides and matte. White board is a great option to print colors. Kraft board is brown on both sides; colors will appear muted but it’s a great way to give your packaging a more natural and eco-friendly look. Our SuperGloss board is our glossy board and is the best option to give your colors an added sheen. All our boards are the same thickness.

Yes, they are safe to ship. Even though E-Flute board can seem a bit thin, once formed the box is very sturdy and absolutely safe to ship without any additional protection.

Folding boxes are unfortunately not safe to ship. We recommend that you put your folding box inside a mailer or a shipping box.

All our boxes use a single wall. If you require double-wall corrugated boxes. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you!

The mailers are very sturdy. We use 200 lbs test (32 ECT) board for both our mailers and shipping boxes, generally that means that a box can safely withstand around 40 lbs of weight per box.

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