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Paperboard boxes, crafted from thick and rigid paperboard, are sturdy packaging containers widely used for a variety of items such as food, cosmetics, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Made by folding, cutting, and assembling layers of paperboard sheets, these boxes are tailored in various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different products, offering both protection and versatility.
-Ideal for any retail custom products.
-Great for items displayed on shelves.
-Available in various shapes for products of all sizes.
-Customizable with full-color printing inside and out.
-Reusable and simple to use.

What Paperboard Boxes Are

General Applications For Custom Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are widely used in different industries due to their versatility, making them a perfect fit for various product types.



Automotive And Hardware




Food And Beverage




Healthcare And Pharma









Hot Selling Types Of Custom Paperboard Boxes


Reverse Tuck End

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Auto Bottom Boxes

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Straight Tuck End

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Pillow Box (Pillow Pack)

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Folded Takeout Box

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Paperboard Boxes By Design


Window Patching

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Hanging Design

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Zipper Closure

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Advertising&Display Patch

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Handles and Straps

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Eco-Friendliness Of Paperboard Boxes

At Package N' Go, our paperboard boxes are eco-friendly, made from sustainable materials and recyclable. We use safe inks and adhesives to ensure consumer and environmental safety. Their lightweight and durable design also helps reduce our carbon footprint, showcasing our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Expanding Customization Horizons
Of Paperboard Boxes

Natural Brown Kraft
White Kraft
Black Kraft



Gloss Lamination


Matte Lamination


Soft touch


Aqueous Coating

Spot UV
Hot Foil Stamping
Cold Foil Stamping

How Paperboard Boxes Are Made

Printing: Transform your paperboard boxes into art with our flexography and offset printing. Our advanced technology ensures every detail is captured, with options like foil stamping and spot UV for added vibrancy and durability. This not only enhances your brand’s visual appeal but also extends the packaging’s life.
Die-cutting: Our precise die-cutting process shapes your boxes with accuracy. Using sharp and blunt blades, we create custom designs with perfect edges and folds. Each box is meticulously checked by our technicians to ensure flawless formation and quality.
Box Cutting and Assembly: The final step involves precise cutting and assembly, shaping your box to perfection with our specialized equipment. We cater to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs, ensuring your boxes meet your exact specifications, whether simple or complex.

What Design Files Should Be Prepared

File Format: Preferred formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF for high-resolution artwork.
Resolution:Minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure sharp and clear prints.
Color Mode:Use CMYK color mode, which is best for four-color process printing. Avoid RGB mode to prevent color printing issues.
Fonts:Convert all text to outlines or include the specific fonts used to avoid font replacement issues.
Graphic Elements:All logos, photos, and icons should be high quality and correctly positioned. Provide necessary links and avoid using copyrighted images without permission.
Bleed Area: Usually an extra 3 to 5 mm around the edges, to ensure no white margins appear after cutting and printing.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation


Step 1: Free Design (1 day)

Collaborate with our team to create a custom design that truly reflects your brand's identity and vision.


Step 4: Production (5-15 days)

Over 5-15 days, our skilled team diligently oversees the production of your paperboard boxes, ensuring they meet our high standards within the set timeframe.


Step 2: Free Sampling (3-5 days)

Within 3-5 days, we provide a physical sample of your custom paperboard box, allowing you to assess its aesthetics, functionality, and quality.


Step 5: Quality Inspection (1-2 days)

In 1-2 days, each box is meticulously inspected by our quality control team, reaffirming our dedication to excellence.


Step 3: Payment

Select a payment method that suits your financial needs from our array of flexible options.


Step 6: Delivery (3-30 days)

Finally, within 3-30 days, your custom paperboard boxes are securely packaged and shipped, with a variety of shipping options to accommodate your specific requirements.

How To Choose The Materials Of Custom Paperboard Boxes

Selecting the right material for a paperboard box is crucial to meet your specific packaging requirements and enhance your product’s visual appeal. Here’s how to choose the suitable material for a paperboard box:
Printing and Branding:
When your paperboard box will feature branding, graphics, or text, take into account the material’s printability. Various materials have distinct surfaces and textures that can impact the quality of your printed designs.
Budget Considerations:
Establish your packaging budget. Some materials are more budget-friendly than others. Strike a balance between your budget constraints and your desired material quality and appearance.
Visual Presentation:
Think about the aesthetics you wish to achieve. Different materials offer a range of finishes, including matte, glossy, textured, or specialty finishes. Select the one that aligns with the image you want to portray for your product.

How To Assess Quality Without Professional Machinery

Box Size: Ensure that the edges are smooth, with no evident tears, damages, or deformities. Uniformity of appearance and color consistency are also indicators of quality.
Texture Check: Gently touch the surface of the paperboard box. A good-quality box should feel smooth, with no noticeable irregularities or roughness.
Folding Test: Try lightly folding the edges and corners of the paperboard box to see if any tearing or cracking occurs. A higher-quality box should exhibit strong resistance to folding.
Print Quality: If the box features printed patterns or text, closely inspect the print quality. Patterns and text should be clear and legible, with no blurry or unclear areas.

How To Store Custom Paperboard Boxes

Storing in Dry Conditions: Keep your boxes in a dry area to protect the cardboard from moisture-related damage like warping or mold growth.
Temperature Regulated Storage: Maintain a controlled temperature environment for the boxes to prevent material distortion due to extreme heat or cold.
Protection from Sunlight: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the box’s print quality and structural integrity, as UV rays can cause fading and weakening.
Even Stacking: Stack boxes evenly and not too high to distribute weight properly and prevent crushing or damage to boxes at the bottom.
Flat Storage Preference: Where possible, store boxes flat instead of assembled to conserve space and maintain their shape.

Factors That Influence Prices Of Custom Paperboard Boxes

Box Size and Cost: The larger the box, the more materials and production time it requires, which in turn increases the cost.
Material Quality Impact: The cost is greatly influenced by the material quality. Specialty materials usually come at a higher price compared to standard ones.
Customization and Printing Costs: Complex printing and additional customization features like die-cut windows increase the overall expense.
Order Quantity and Unit Price: The total cost per unit is affected by the order quantity, with bulk orders generally offering lower per-unit prices due to production efficiencies.

The Basic Knowledge About Paperboard Boxes

On our blog, we regularly post detailed and educational articles covering different aspects of custom paperboard boxes. Our goal is to provide you with essential information to assist you in making informed choices.
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What People Say About Our Paperboard Boxes

“I was thoroughly impressed by the durability and quality of these custom paperboard boxes, perfectly fitting my products!”
“The printing quality on these boxes is exceptional, truly making my brand stand out on the shelves.”
“I appreciated the fast delivery and excellent customer service I received with my order of custom paperboard boxes.”
“The versatility in sizes and customization options for these paperboard boxes has been a game changer for my business’s packaging needs.”
“These eco-friendly paperboard boxes align perfectly with our sustainability goals, without compromising on quality or design.”

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Incorrect Sizing: Ordering boxes that don't fit your products can lead to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.

How to Avoid It: Accurately measure your products and account for any additional padding or space needed before placing your order.

Overlooking Material Quality: Compromising on material quality can affect the protection and presentation of your products.

How to Avoid It: Ensure the material strength and quality are suitable for your product’s needs.

Ignoring Print Quality and Design: Poor print quality can negatively impact your brand image.

How to Avoid It: Always request a sample to review the print quality and ensure the design accurately represents your brand.

Underestimating Lead Times: Not accounting for production and shipping times can result in delays.

How to Avoid It: Clarify lead times with the supplier and order in advance to ensure timely delivery.

Neglecting Sustainability: In an eco-conscious market, ignoring the environmental impact of your packaging can be a drawback.

How to Avoid It: Opt for recyclable or biodegradable materials to align with green practices.

Missing Out on Volume Discounts: Larger orders often come with cost benefits.

How to Avoid It: Calculate your long-term needs to see if ordering in bulk can save money in the long run.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Package N’ Go?

Package N’ Go, a leading American packaging company with a strong global presence, has distinguished itself with over two decades of outstanding service in the industry. Our innovative supply chain, based in China, has been a key factor in our rise as a top industry player. We are committed to providing tailor-made packaging solutions, which is fundamental to our success.
Our competitive advantages are:
-Factory directed
-Customized, personal service for each client
-Low minimum order quantities
-Affordable, cost-effective packaging solutions
-Quick and efficient processing times
-Adherence to global quality standards
-24/7 customer support
-A range of shipping options to meet diverse needs.
-Flexible payment methods to accommodate different preferences

What After Sales Service Do We Provide?

01 /

Efficient Order Processing: We prioritize quick and efficient handling of orders to ensure timely and reliable fulfillment of your deadlines.

02 /

Commitment to Quality: Our unwavering focus on quality for custom paperboard boxes is backed by a dedicated quality assurance team, ready to promptly resolve any issues, ensuring product excellence.

03 /

Simple Return Process: We place great importance on your satisfaction. If you’re not fully satisfied, our straightforward return and refund policy ensures an easy and agreeable solution.

04 /

Transparent Order Tracking: Stay informed at every step with our real-time order monitoring, providing you with continuous updates on the production and delivery of your custom paperboard boxes.

The FAQs About Custom Paperboard Boxes

The inks used in our production may have a slight smell, which will naturally dissipate over time. In most cases, this odor is not noticeable by the time the order is delivered. For boxes with full ink coverage, a few days of airing can help eliminate any lingering smell.
Paperboard is a type of thick paper material commonly used for packaging, while cardboard is thicker and more durable. Cardboard is typically employed for shipping boxes and heavy-duty packaging applications.
To ensure product protection in paperboard boxes, consider using custom inserts, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials. It is essential to collaborate with a packaging supplier who can offer expert advice and recommendations for suitable packaging solutions.
Corrugated boxes consist of two layers of paperboard with a fluted layer in between, providing added strength and cushioning. On the other hand, folding cartons are made from a single layer of paperboard and are commonly used for retail packaging.

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