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A rigid box, also known as a rigid setup box, is a high-quality, durable packaging option made from thick paperboard or chipboard, offering more rigidity than standard cardboard. Known for their strength and ability to maintain shape under pressure, these boxes are commonly used for luxury goods, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, and gifts. Rigid boxes are preferred for their elegance and quality, making them suitable for premium and high-end products.
– Unmatched Luxury
– Value-Boosting Features
– Enhanced Protection
– Strong and Lasting
– Perfect for Display
– Branding and Customization
– Eco-friendly Options
– Versatility

What Rigid Boxes Are

General Applications For Custom Rigid Boxes

The versatility of rigid boxes extends to a wide range of industries that require exquisite packaging. Some potential sectors include:



Haute couture


Luxury good


Digital products








Board game




Chocolate confection

Hot Selling Types Of Custom Rigid Boxes

Book Style:This mimics the look of a book, often featuring a flap-like cover. These boxes can have different closures like magnets, ribbons, zippers, buttons, depending on design and customer needs.

Book Style With Magnetic Closure

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Book Style With Ribbon Closure

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Book Style With Button

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Telescope Style :This encompasses various design options, including Partial Telescope Style, Full Telescope Style, and customizable variants such as Polygon Telescope Style Boxes.

Partial Telescope Style

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Full Telescope Style

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Polygon Telescope Style

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Neck Boxes :It can come in various designs such as Neck Boxes with Different Closure Levels, Neck Boxes with Window Patch, Neck Boxes with Hinged Cover, Solid Tube Boxes, and more, depending on the design and customer requirements.

Neck Boxes-Different Closure Levels

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Neck Boxes With Window Patch

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Neck Boxes With Hinged Cover

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Tray with Sleeve:This type of rigid box features a tray or base that securely holds the product, which is then enclosed by a sliding sleeve. The sleeve provides an elegant and practical means of access to the product.

Tray With Sleeve

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Windowed Tray With Sleeve

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Eco-Friendliness Of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are eco-friendly due to their use of sustainable materials like recycled paperboard, their recyclability, and their durability which allows for multiple uses, reducing the need for new materials. Package N' Go enhances this eco-friendliness by employing recycled materials in the rigid boxes, adhering to energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and ensuring the boxes are durable and fully recyclable. This approach reflects Package N' Go's commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Customization Of Custom Rigid Boxes

Natural Brown Kraft
White Kraft
Black Kraft

Sustainable Inserts


Paperboard Inserts


Molded Pulp Inserts


Corrugated Inserts


Blister Inserts


Foam Inserts


Pearl Cotton Inserts


EVA Foam Inserts



Gloss Lamination


Matte Lamination


Soft Touch


Aqueous Coating

Spot UV
Hot Foil Stamping
Cold Foil Stamping

How Rigid Boxes Are Made

Printing: We use cutting-edge flexography and offset printing to create visually striking designs on rigid boxes. Finishing techniques like foil stamping or spot UV add vibrancy and durability, enhancing the box’s appeal and lifespan.
Die-cutting: Die-cutting ensures precise, clean cuts for custom box shapes, facilitating perfect folds and locks. This process, using sharp and blunt blades, outperforms manual methods for speed and accuracy, ensuring high-quality design details.

Grooving: We employ various grooving techniques, including 45-degree cuts, scoring lines, and reinforcing cardboard with outer skin paper, to ensure secure and visually appealing folds.

Wrapping: Our boxes are wrapped in C2S paper using an advanced adhesive system for a strong, aesthetically pleasing finish. The cardboard then undergoes a 48-hour natural drying process to enhance the bond.

Cutting and Assembly: The final step involves expertly cutting and assembling the boxes. Our specialized equipment ensures precision in transforming flat sheets into three-dimensional structures, with an option for collapsible boxes to save shipping space.

What Design File Shoule Be Prepared

File Format: Preferred formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF for high-resolution artwork.
Resolution:Minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure sharp and clear prints.
Color Mode:Use CMYK color mode, which is best for four-color process printing. Avoid RGB mode to prevent color printing issues.
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines or include the specific fonts used to avoid font replacement issues.
Graphic Elements:All logos, photos, and icons should be high quality and correctly positioned. Provide necessary links and avoid using copyrighted images without permission.
Bleed Area: Usually an extra 3 to 5 mm around the edges, to ensure no white margins appear after cutting and printing.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation


Step 1: Free Design (1 day)

Collaborate with our team to create a unique design that perfectly aligns with your brand and vision.


Step 4: Production (5-15 days)

Our team meticulously oversees every detail during production to ensure that your custom rigid boxes meet the highest standards. We also ensure that they are produced within the specified timeframe.


Step 2: Free Sampling (3-5 days)

Receive a physical sample of your custom rigid box for assessment. Evaluate its appearance, functionality, and quality.


Step 5: Quality Inspection (1-2 days)

Our dedicated quality control team conducts a comprehensive inspection of each rigid box to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards.


Step 3: Payment

Select your preferred payment method and submit your payment. We offer flexible payment options to accommodate your needs.


Step 6: Delivery (3-30 days)

We take great care in packaging and shipping your custom rigid boxes to your specified location. We offer various transportation options tailored to your specific requirements.

How To Store Custom Rigid Boxes

Storing In Optimal Conditions:
Keep the boxes in a clean, climate-controlled environment. Ensure the area is free from high humidity to prevent damage to the boxes and their contents.
Protection From Sunlight:
Store the boxes in a location shielded from direct sunlight and UV exposure, which can fade the colors and weaken the cardboard.
Careful Stacking:
Stack the boxes carefully on pallets or shelves to avoid crushing or bending them. Limit the height of the stack to prevent any risk of them toppling.
Safe From Harmful Substances:
Ensure the boxes are stored in an area away from harmful chemicals or substances like solvents, oils, or cleaning agents to avoid potential damage.

Factors That Influence Prices Of Custom Rigid Boxes

Material Quality and Type: The type of material used, such as high-end paperboard, chipboard, or other specialty materials, significantly impacts the cost. Higher quality or specialty materials typically increase the price.
Size and Complexity of Design: Larger boxes or designs with complex structures and shapes require more material and labor, leading to higher costs.
Printing and Customization: Detailed printing, including high-quality graphics, unique colors, and finishes like UV coating, foil stamping, or embossing, adds to the production cost.
Quantity Ordered: Larger quantities often reduce the unit cost due to economies of scale in production. Conversely, smaller orders usually cost more per unit.
Additional Features: Features like magnetic closures, ribbons, inserts, or windows can increase the cost due to the extra materials and labor required.

The Basic Knowledge About Custom Rigid Boxes

Our blog is a hub for a wide array of engaging and detailed articles on custom rigid boxes, designed to provide you with critical insights and knowledge. Our objective is to empower you with the necessary information, assisting you in making well-informed decisions related to this topic.
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What People Say About Our Rigid Boxes

“Absolutely thrilled with the quality of the custom rigid boxes! They perfectly complement my products and elevate my brand’s image.”
“The attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of these boxes is impressive. They arrived exactly as I envisioned them.”
“Great customer service! The team was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the customization process and ensuring timely delivery.”
“I’m amazed by the durability and finish of the rigid boxes. They add such a professional touch to my product packaging.”
“Loved the eco-friendly aspect of these boxes. It’s wonderful to have sustainable yet luxurious packaging options for my business.”

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Underestimating the Importance of Material Quality: Choosing lower-quality materials can compromise the box's durability and appearance.

How to Avoid It: Always opt for high-quality materials that suit your product’s needs and brand image.

Neglecting Proper Sizing and Fit: Ordering boxes that don't properly fit your product can lead to damage during shipping or an unprofessional presentation.

How to Avoid It: Ensure accurate measurements of your products and consider any additional space needed for padding or inserts.

Overlooking Design and Aesthetics: Not paying attention to the design can result in boxes that fail to resonate with your brand or appeal to your customers.

How to Avoid It: Work closely with the design team to ensure the box reflects your brand identity and aesthetics.

Ignoring the Complexity of Customization: Underestimating the time and cost involved in intricate designs and custom features can lead to budget overruns and delays.

How to Avoid It: Be clear about your requirements and budget, and seek advice from the manufacturer on cost-effective customization options.

Disregarding Environmental Impact: In a market increasingly conscious about sustainability, neglecting the eco-friendliness of your packaging can affect your brand image.

How to Avoid It: Choose sustainable materials and processes wherever possible.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Package N’ Go?

Package N’ Go, a prominent American company, has carved out a significant global presence, thanks to our innovative supply chain strategies centered in China. Over the past twenty years, we’ve established ourselves as a frontrunner in the packaging industry, driven by our dedication to delivering custom packaging solutions.
Our Competitive Edges Include:
Direct Factory Access
Personalized Service
Minimal MOQ
Cost-Effective Solutions
Rapid Processing
Universal Quality Standards
Round-the-Clock Support
Varied Shipping Options
Flexible Payment Options

What After Sales Service Do We Provide?

01 /

Swift Order Management: At the heart of our service is a commitment to quick and efficient order processing, ensuring that your deadlines are met with ease and reliability.

02 /

Uncompromised Quality Commitment: Our dedication to quality in our custom mailer boxes is unwavering. Should any concerns arise, our devoted quality assurance team is on hand to swiftly address and rectify them, guaranteeing the excellence of our products.

03 /

Hassle-Free Return Policy: Your satisfaction is paramount. In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction with your order, we offer an easy and customer-friendly returns and refunds policy, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory resolution.

04 /

Real-Time Order Monitoring: With our service, you’ll receive continuous updates and real-time tracking of your order. This transparency allows you to stay well-informed about every stage of your custom mailer boxes’ production and delivery journey.

The FAQs About Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes can be customized in various ways, such as adjusting size, shape, color, and finish. Additionally, you have the freedom to incorporate custom graphics, logos, and text to create a unique and personalized packaging design.
Absolutely! Feel free to request a dieline from our live chat, and one of our account managers will provide you with an editable dieline in Adobe Illustrator. Once you’ve completed your design, simply send it back to us for further processing.
Yes, the minimum order is 500 units for boxes. Additionally, we provide discounts for larger volumes.
While we make every effort to manage colors and meet your expectations, it’s essential to note that colors displayed on your screen may differ slightly from the printed boxes. This discrepancy occurs due to variations in monitor calibration and the color spaces used. Screens use RGB (Red, Green, Blue), while printing employs CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black). We ensure that your proof simulates the final printed colors as closely as possible. If you have specific color requirements, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll assist in achieving your desired result.
Certainly! We possess expertise in managing international deliveries and can ship rigid boxes to customers worldwide. Our logistics network is well-equipped to meet international shipping requirements, ensuring a seamless and dependable delivery to your desired destination.

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