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A custom bubble mailer is a specialized type of packaging envelope designed to provide both protection and branding for items being shipped. It combines the features of a traditional mailing envelope with the added advantage of bubble wrap cushioning.
-Multiple layers providing penetration resistance
-Bubble pad protecting fragile items from shocks
-Hot melt adhesive flap for tamper-resistance
-Lightweight saving your shipping cost
-Strong bearing capacity -Weather-resistant
-Smart packaging solution: QR Code & Bar Code

What Custom Bubble Mailers Are

Items Best Suited For Bubble Mailers

Custom bubble mailers offer versatile packaging solutions suitable for a wide range of items. They not only provide security and protection but also present branding opportunities. Below is a list of items that can be effectively shipped using custom bubble mailers.







Beauty And Cosmetics




Arts And Prints


Fabrics And Yarns


Books And Magazines


Phone Cases



Hot Selling Types Of Custom Bubble Mailers


Hard Shell Co-extruded Bubble Mailer

Co-extruded film.
- Hard shell makes better shock resistance
- Visual appealing.
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Soft Shell Pearlescent Bubble Mailers

- Beautiful pearl film
- Cost-effective soft shell
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Soft Shell Co-extruded Bubble Mailer

- Co-extruded film.
- Cost-effective soft shell
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Metallic Bubble Mailer

- Luxurious metallic appearance
- Special printing technique
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Hard Shell Pearlescent Bubble Mailers

- Beautiful pearl film.
- Hard shell makes better shock resistance
- Visual appealing.
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Kraft Bubble Mailer

- Cost effective
- Stronger and durable
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Common Sizes Of Custom Bubble Mailers

4 x 8 inches
6 x 10 inches
8.5 x 12 inches
10.5 x 16 inches
12.5 x 19 inches
Interior size
4 x 7 inches
6 x 9 inches
8.5 x 11 inches
10.5 x 15 inches
12.5 x 18 inches
Suitable products
jewelry, one phone
Photos, one CD, an Xbox game, lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes
Books, magazines and journals, note pads, baby’s shirts
Photo frames, bigger books, one iPad, or two T-shirts
One pair of jeans, one or two pairs of shorts, three T-shirts, and a long dress

Are Bubble Mailers Eco-Friendly?

Package N’ Go bubble mailers are eco-friendly. Once well-used, bubble mailers can be recycled at specialized centers. Plastic-only mailers are recycled with items like bread bags at specific drop-off locations. Additionally, we offer biodegradable and compostable alternatives to suit your requirements.

Things You Need To Know About The Bubbles Before Customization

Materials: Air bubble wrap is made using high-pressure polyethylene, whitening agents, and other additives, heated to around 230 degrees. These clear, lightweight bubbles are moisture-resistant and protect items from shocks during transport.
Size: Bubble wrap bubbles usually have a diameter of 0.24-0.39 inch and a height of 0.08-0.12 inch. Larger bubbles offer better impact absorption, ideal for protecting items during handling.
Thickness: The bubble layer’s thickness is measured in gram weight per square meter, with higher gram weight indicating a thicker, more cushioning layer. Delicate items need thicker bubble wrap for better protection, while sturdier items may use thinner layers.
Hard Shell And Soft Shell
Production Method: The crafting technique of bubble mailers, particularly the “foaming” method, plays a pivotal role in defining their classification as either hard shell or soft shell.
Production Method: The crafting technique of bubble mailers, particularly the “foaming” method, plays a pivotal role in defining their classification as either hard shell or soft shell.
Considerations: When producing hard shell bubble mailers, the selection of films is critical. Films like aluminum foil and laser films weighing less than 160g, or co-extruded films below 85g, may not be optimal. These limitations stem from potential aesthetic drawbacks and the likelihood of creating “bubbles within bubbles,” which can affect the mailer’s integrity and appearance.

How Custom Bubble Mailers Are Made

Film Blowing: The process begins with film blowing, where plastic particles are melted and extruded into a tubular shape, then inflated to form the outer layer of the mailer. This film is cooled and solidified to its final thickness.
Film Blowing: The process begins with film blowing, where plastic particles are melted and extruded into a tubular shape, then inflated to form the outer layer of the mailer. This film is cooled and solidified to its final thickness.
Bubble Wrap Production: Polyethylene pellets are melted and transformed into molten plastic, which is then formed into bubble film on a porous roller. An additional layer of film is added to create the bubble wrap’s outer layer.
Lamination: The bubble film is laminated with the pre-prepared co-extruded film. This composite material is then folded, readying it for bag manufacturing.
Deflation and Heat Seal: The air bubbles are punctured and deflated at each bag’s junction, followed by heat sealing to join the sides of the bags securely.
Bag Cutting and Making: After adding a self-sealing strip, the material undergoes cutting and bag making, finalizing the bubble bag product.

What Design Files Should Be Prepared?

File Format: Preferred formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF for high-resolution artwork.
Resolution:Minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure sharp and clear prints.
Color Mode:Use CMYK color mode, which is best for four-color process printing. Avoid RGB mode to prevent color printing issues.
Fonts:Convert all text to outlines or include the specific fonts used to avoid font replacement issues.
Graphic Elements:All logos, photos, and icons should be high quality and correctly positioned. Provide necessary links and avoid using copyrighted images without permission.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation


Step 1: Free Design (1 day)

Collaborate with our team to create a custom design that truly reflects your brand's identity and vision.


Step 4: Production (5-15 days)

We meticulously oversee every detail during production, ensuring that your custom bubble mailers meet the highest standards and are produced within the specified timeframe.


Step 2: Free Sampling (3-5 days)

Receive a physical sample of your custom shipping box to assess its appearance, functionality, and quality, all at no extra cost.


Step 5: Quality Inspection (1-2 days)

Our quality control team conducts a thorough inspection of each bubble mailer to ensure they meet our rigorous standards.


Step 3: Payment

Choose your preferred payment method and submit your payment. We offer flexible payment options to suit your needs.


Step 6: Delivery (3-30 days)

We carefully package and ship your custom bubble mailers to your specified location, using various transportation options tailored to your requirements.

How To Store Custom Bubble Mailers

Clean and Dry Storage Area:
Ensure the storage area is clean and dry to prevent moisture and dirt from damaging the mailers. Moisture can weaken the adhesive and affect the bubble lining.
Temperature and Humidity Control:
Keep the storage area at a moderate temperature and humidity level. Extreme heat or cold can affect the adhesive and the integrity of the mailers.
Avoid Direct Sunlight:
Do not expose the mailers to direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause the material to deteriorate and fade.
Stack Carefully:
If you need to stack mailers, do so carefully to avoid putting too much weight on them, which could damage the bubble lining or deform the mailers.
Keep Them Away from Chemicals:
Store the mailers away from any chemicals or solvents that could potentially damage them.

Factors That Influence Prices of Custom Bubble Mailers

Size: Larger bubble mailers tend to cost more due to increased material requirements.
Material: Different materials have varying price points, with metallic bubble mailers being the most expensive, followed by pearlescent and co-extruded, while kraft bubble mailers are typically the most economical.
Quantity: Buying in bulk often results in lower per-unit costs.
Thickness: The thickness of the bubble mailer’s outer film and padding can impact its price, with thicker options generally costing more.
Custom-printed bubble mailers with logos or designs may come at a higher price compared to plain, standard mailers.

How Do We Do Quality Inspection For Your Custom Bubble Mailers

Ensuring the quality of custom bubble mailers is vital for us, and we will thoroughly evaluate them based on specific criteria to guarantee they meet our stringent standards.



Saturation Of The Air Bubbles


Film Color


Lamination Firmness


Ink Saturation


Gram Weight Of The Bubble Mailer


Ink Adhesion


Edge Sealing Firmness


Film Stretching Force


Adhesive Sealer Firmness

The Basic Knowledge About Custom Bubble Mailers

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What People Say About Our Custom Bubble Mailers

“I couldn’t believe the value I got with these custom bubble mailers! Outstanding quality at an affordable price. My business’s budget is happy, and so are my items during transit.”
“These custom bubble mailers exceeded my expectations. Sturdy, protective, and the bubbles provide excellent cushioning. My delicate products arrived in perfect condition every time.”
“Impressed by the lightning-fast delivery of my custom bubble mailers. Placed the order and received them sooner than expected.”
“These custom bubble mailers exceeded my expectations. Sturdy, protective, and the bubbles provide excellent cushioning. My delicate products arrived in perfect condition every time.”

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Poor Quality Materials: One of the most significant pitfalls is ending up with bubble mailers made from low-quality materials. These can lead to inadequate protection for your products and a negative customer experience.

How to Avoid It: Ensure that you source your custom bubble mailers from reputable suppliers who use high-quality materials. Ask for samples before making a bulk purchase to test the durability and protective qualities of the mailers.

Inaccurate Sizing: Ordering bubble mailers in the wrong size can lead to issues like products not fitting properly, excess space that increases shipping costs, or items being squeezed and potentially damaged.

How to Avoid It: Carefully measure your products. Discuss sizing requirements with the supplier to get the right fit.

Inadequate Bubble Protection: If the bubble layer in your custom mailers is too thin or of poor quality, it won't effectively protect your products from damage during transit.

How to Avoid It: Ask the supplier about the specifications of the bubble layer, such as bubble size and thickness. Opt for bubble mailers that provide ample cushioning for your specific products.

Ignoring Environmental Impact: In today's eco-conscious climate, neglecting the environmental impact of your packaging choices can be a pitfall. Non-recyclable or excessive packaging can turn off environmentally conscious customers.

How to Avoid It: Choose eco-friendly bubble mailers made from recycled materials and that are recyclable themselves. Communicate your commitment to sustainability to your customers.

Not Considering Volume and Pricing: Ordering custom bubble mailers in insufficient quantities or without negotiating pricing can lead to higher costs than necessary.

How to Avoid It: Estimate your shipping needs and order in bulk to potentially secure lower pricing per unit. Be sure to negotiate pricing and explore discounts with your supplier based on your order volume.

Not Considering Volume and Pricing: If you're running low on your current mailer supply and fail to consider production and shipping times, you might experience delays in getting your products out to customers.

How to Avoid It: Plan ahead and order well in advance of your current supply running out. Communicate with the supplier to understand their production and delivery timelines.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Package N’ Go?

Package N’ Go, an American enterprise, boasts a robust worldwide footprint, courtesy of its innovative supply chain rooted in China. With a commendable twenty-year track record, we have ascended as a prominent frontrunner in the industry, underpinned by our unwavering dedication to tailor-made packaging solutions.
Our Competitive Edge:
Direct factory sourcing
Environmentally-conscious packaging
Customized services catering to unique demands
Industry’s most lenient Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Unmatched cost-effectiveness
Swift order processing
Stringent global quality control standards
Responsive 24-hour assistance
Diverse array of transportation alternatives
Versatile payment avenues

What After Sales Service Do We Provide?

01 /

Efficient Order Processing: Our streamlined system ensures swift and efficient order handling, allowing you to meet your deadlines confidently.material requirements.

02 /

Unwavering Quality Assurance: We stand behind the quality of our custom bubble mailers. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated quality assurance team will promptly address and resolve them to ensure you receive the high-quality products you expect.

03 /

Returns and Refunds: In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with your order, our customer-friendly returns and refunds policy ensures a hassle-free process for resolving any issues to your satisfaction.

04 /

Order Tracking and Updates: Stay well-informed about your order’s status. We provide real-time tracking and regular updates, so you’re always aware of where your custom bubble mailers are in the production and delivery process.

The FAQs About Custom Bubble Mailers

Choosing the size of your shipping boxes typically depends on the dimensions and quantity of the products you’re shipping. Ensure that the box is large enough to accommodate your items but not overly spacious to prevent items from shifting and getting damaged during transit.
The choice of packaging material often depends on the type of product you’re shipping. Common options for protection include foam padding, paper, bubble wrap, and foam-filled bags, each offering varying degrees of protection based on your needs.
We use 200 lbs test (32 ECT) board for our shipping boxes, generally that means that a box can safely withstand around 40 lbs of weight per box.
Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders of shipping boxes. The exact discount depends on the size of the order and the specific boxes you are ordering. Please contact us for more information.
Yes, we offer samples of our shipping boxes to help you make an informed decision before placing a large order. You can request a sample by contacting us and we will be happy to provide one for you.

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