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Absolutely! Our customization options are extensive. We have the ability to bring any box or display concept to life. Simply reach out to us with your ideas and drawings, and we will make it a reality.

Certainly! We offer custom inserts tailored to your specific needs. However, in most instances, we require your product physically available to accurately measure and create a custom insert that fits perfectly.

Die-cutting tools are utilized in the production of various items, including mailers, displays, file boxes, and any products featuring self-locking or self-assembling designs. Flat die-cutting tools are employed for small quantity orders, typically consisting of 1,000 parts or less. On the other hand, rotary die-cutting tools are employed in high-speed presses for projects involving 1,000 parts and above.

Absolutely! Our dedicated team of skilled box designers and engineers specializes in creating unique and customized corrugated box solutions. Rest assured, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss any specific requirements we may have.

To determine the box size you need, measure your product and any packing material you’ll be using left to right (L), front to back (W) and bottom to top (D). Add 1/8” – 1/4” to each of these dimensions to make sure there is a little extra space.

When considering the material for your packaging, it’s important to make an informed decision. Here are some guidelines to help you choose:

1. Cardboard or Paperboard: These are the most common materials used for packaging.
2. Corrugated Cardboard: Ideal for heavier products as it provides sturdiness and can handle more weight.
3. Paperboard (Folding Carton): Perfect for smaller sizes or lightweight products. It offers a clean and sleek print surface.
4. Kraft Board: If you desire an earthy and natural look, Kraft board is an excellent choice. It also enhances printing with vibrant colors.
5. Weight Limitation: Please note that we advise against ordering a box intended to carry anything over 50 lbs. without consulting our experts first.

Our team of packaging specialists is here to provide guidance and ensure you select the most suitable material for your specific needs.

Please note that due to the use of die cutting tables, there might be a slight variation of up to 1/16″ in the box size. For shipping boxes, we advise allowing for a variation of up to 1/8″ due to the presence of the glue flap.

The inks used in our production may have a slight scent that will gradually fade away. Typically, by the time your order is delivered, any odor is not perceptible. However, boxes with extensive ink coverage may require a few days to allow for proper ventilation and eliminate any lingering smell.

Our minimum quantity for boxes is 500 pieces, while for plastic bags it is 5,000. Additionally, we provide volume discounts for larger orders.

You will receive a digital proof of your box before we go to production. The proof will be emailed shortly after placing your order. You can also review your online proof in your account.

Yes, we are able to offer any type of box. We offer any box style that you may think of. If you have something in mind and your order quantity is above 500 units. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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