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Compostable Poly Mailers: Why are They a Trend

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Online shopping has embraced a more eco-friendly approach with increased usage of compostable mailers. As the knowledge surrounding their advantages continues to spread, businesses are now opting for compostable envelopes and packaging in order to reduce environmental impact. But what exactly makes these special? Read on to explore all that they have to offer.


What are Compostable Mailers?

Made from plant-based materials, compostable mailers, including compostable poly mailers,  compostable bubble mailers, and compostable padded mailers, etc., can be broken down by microorganisms into compost. As a result of the small diameters of the mailers, the process is quicker than when food scraps are broken down into compost. After being broken down, the material will become a natural fertilizer for plants.

There are numerous types of compostable materials, however, cornstarch is the one that is most frequently used for compostable envelopes. Fast-growing and requiring little water or pesticides to thrive, cornstarch is a type of renewable resource. Furthermore, sturdy and rigid, cornstarch is the ideal substance for mail packages. Bamboo and cellulose are two more popular compostable materials.


Why Are Compostable Mailers Becoming a Trend?

There are numerous reasons why compostable mailers are becoming a widely used sustainable packaging solution. Making the switch to them is an easy method for organizations to lessen their environmental impact without sacrificing quality or performance. Also, consumers are starting to expect the brands they support to offer more environmentally friendly packaging options. By switching to compostable mailers, businesses can show their commitment to sustainability and stand out from their competitors.

In addition to being good for the environment, compostable mailers also offer other benefits over traditional poly mailers. For example, they decompose much faster than traditional plastic mailing bags, meaning they cause less pollution over time. And finally, they offer superior padding and protection compared to paper alternatives, making them ideal for fragile items such as electronics.


Compostable mailers offer businesses a sustainable packaging solution that is good for the environment and their bottom line. Additionally, they offer superior protection compared to paper alternatives and decompose much faster than traditional plastic mailing bags. You can get more information about compostable mailers from us if you’re searching for environmentally friendly packaging for your company. In addition to offering the highest quality, we also offer the best personalization for compostable mailers.

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