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Custom Rigid Box

Show the world your special products deserve more than just recognition–they need to be celebrated! Introduce luxury and elegance with rigid boxes, adding value in an unforgettable way

custom rigid box

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Unleash Your Potential with Custom Rigid Box

Make your product stand out with stylish and unique custom rigid boxes! Transform any item from ordinary to extraordinary
in an eye-catching way, boosting its value and making a lasting impression


Rigid Box For Clothes


Rigid Box For Jewelry


Rigid Box For Cosmetics


Rigid Box For Groceries


Rigid Box For Stationery


Rigid Box For Food

General and More Exciting Types of Custom Rigid Box

Unlock the infinite possibilities of custom boxes! Capture your unique vision in vibrant colors and stylish designs. Create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind – let us be your guide to bringing it into reality!


Partial Telescope Style

Also known as a "Partial Cover", this popular rigid box style is very versatile.


Full Telescope Style

This rigid box has thumb cuts for ease of opening.


Book Style with Magnetic Closure

The magnets are hidden in the lip of the lid and the edge of the base.


Book Style with Ribbon Closure

This classic neck box is elegantly tied with a luxurious ribbon, creating an impressive visual presentation.


Neck Boxes-Different Closure Levels

A neck box can close all the way or leave a gap for esthetic appeal.


Neck Box with Window Patch

This neck box is designed with a clear window that helps you easily identify the contents within.


Neck Box with Hinged Cover

This neck box has a permanently attached, hinged cover.


Tray with Sleeve

Also called a "Slipcase" or "Shell and Slide".

Custom Box Solutions

Easily design and customize your packages based on your ideas in real time.
Also check out all our awesome products.

The boxes’ Journey to Your Hand

Unlock the full potential of your purchase! Let us take you through an easy-to-follow process for a stress free
transaction. From narrowing down what to buy, right up until it arrives on your doorstep – we’ll guide you
with every step so that expertise shines through in completing your order.


Free Sample

We offer free samples of our products
so you can feel confident in the quality
before making your purchase.



Customize Box Types

We can provide valuable information
on everything from size and shape to
material, weight capabilities, and more.


Artwork Confirmation

We confirm all of your requirements for artwork can be met. We understand how important the end result is to you, which is why our team puts tremendous effort into each and every project.



Packaging Production

At Package N’ Go, we take pride in adhering to high standards of quality.
We ensure that every step in the production of our shipping boxes is done with great attention to detail.


Quality Inspection

Every step of our production process is tested and monitored by experienced professionals to guarantee the highest quality for all of our products.



Efficient Delivery

We strive to deliver all packages promptly, so you can rest assured knowing that your items will reach you quickly without sacrificing convenience or privacy.

Clients' Experiences Working With Our Team

Zachary Parker

The rigid boxes are exactly what I want! PNG brought my vision to life! The texture feels so great and the printing technique better make my logo and images pop. They further add value to my brand and I will continue to purchase them.

Noah Wilson

We like the boxes made with 100% recyclable materials and we found PNG. The custom rigid boxes made by them are friendly to both environment and customers. Our customers love the boxes which offer them a premium buying experience. The boxes will totally bring our business to the next level.

Keith Walker

The service and quality is much better than I’ve
worked with other companies! The inserts are exactly fit my product and protect it well during transit. You can totally trust PNG team and they will surprise you. I can’t wait to order even more rigid boxes in the future!

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Package N’ Go?


Package N’ Go has been the go-to supplier of product
packaging solutions for over ten years, crafting custom designs
that provide customers with exactly what they need – and
want! Our cutting edge services cover every aspect necessary
to create a superior customer experience. We use our talented
design teams, advanced printing capabilities, influential
branding practices and state-of-the art manufacturing
techniques to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.
Thanks in part to this visionary mindset, Package N’ Go is
supplying businesses around the world with exemplary
products day in and out!

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