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Custom Shipping Bags for Clothes

If you’re looking for the perfect shipping bags to carry your clothing, we’ve got just what you need. Our high-quality customization options provide an ideal solution with a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces.

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Unleash Your Potential with Custom Cardboard Boxes

Shipping bags for clothes offer a robust, reliable solution to any clothing delivery requirement. Their versatility ensures that they are perfect for everything from delicate undergarments and T-shirts through to heavier coats.

Poly mailer for shipping hoodie

Poly mailer for shipping dress

Poly mailer for shipping jeans

Poly mailer for shipping T-shirt

Bubble mailer for shipping coat

Bubble mailer for shipping sweater

General and More Exciting Types of Shipping Bags

Shipping bags offer endless solutions for any clothing shipping need – from the lightweight and durable poly mailers to eco-friendly kraft bubble mailers. When extra cushioning is required, opt for a superior solution with reliable protection: poly bubble varieties.

Custom Poly Mailer

Ensure your clothes arrive looking their best with custom poly mailers. Featuring durable, water-resistant material and available for personalized design, these attractive packages will make a lasting impression.

Custom Poly Bubble Mailer

For extra protection of your clothing, custom poly bubble mailers are the ideal solution. Their lightweight and resilient design make them perfect for sending even bulky articles of clothing with ease.

Custom Metallic Bubble Mailer

Ensure your valuable clothes remain secure and stylish during shipment with custom metallic bubble mailers! These high-quality aluminum foil packaging is the perfect combination of brilliance and durability.

Custom Kraft Bubble Mailer

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Kraft bubble mailers provide a dependable, eco – friendly solution for shipping clothes. Their paper surface allows them to be easily recycled – the perfect choice to go green.

Returnable Poly Mailer

Poly Mailer with Handle

Bubble Mailer with Laser-printing

Wicket Bag

Poly Mailer with QR Code

Pre-open Rolled Poly Mailer

Compostable Mailer


Zip Lock Bag

Make your shipping bags stand out from the competition! Our vast selection of special effects – including laser-printing, punch holes, zip lock and double adhesive strips – allow you to customize with creativity. You will be sure to turn heads wherever they go while still maintaining a professional look that is guaranteed in quality.

Custom Shipping Bags

If you’re looking for the perfect shipping bags to carry your clothing, we’ve got
just what you need. Our high-quality customization options provide an ideal
solution with a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces.

The Bags’ Journey to Your Hand

Unlock the full potential of your purchase! Let us take you through an easy-to-follow process for a stress free transaction. From narrowing down what to buy, right up until it arrives on your doorstep – we’ll guide you with every step so that expertise shines through in completing your order.


Free Sample

We can help customize your shipping bags! Choose the colors, patterns and size that best suit your needs – together we’ll create a combination guaranteed to impress.


Film Blowing

Blown film is a plastic processing method that involves heating and melting plastic particles before blowing them into film.



Our expert team will bring your artwork to life with our professional printing process, ensuring vibrant colors and patterns in high-quality.


Bag Forming

The bag forming process is here to ensure perfect sizing for shipping bags, providing the ideal fit for your products.


Quality Control

To ensure excellent product quality, each shipping bag produced at our facility undergoes rigorous testing by experts. We proudly stand behind the superior craftsmanship of every item we send out.


Efficient Delivery

Our delivery service promises top-notch security, discretion and rapid delivery to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Our CLIENTS’ Reviews

Grace Howard

Working with Package N’ Go drastically
changed the way I package my T-shirts for
customers. Their expert guidance on selecting materials allowed me to make every shipment look unique and special, all while keeping cost within budget!

Kevin Wilson

My customers were delighted to receive their socks in zip lock bags with a considerate design and striking printings, thanks to PNG. This bulk purchase proved extremely successful!

Scott Campbell

Package N’ Go has provided me with the
highest-quality poly mailers, free of any odours that can contaminate my clothes. I’m always delighted by their reliable packaging solutions and appreciate how they constantly exceed expectations.

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century. In that time, we have been committed to and take
pride in providing our  customers with product packaging that fills the void between their needs and wants, in turn, offering solutions to any design, branding, and e-commerce packaging

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