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How Custom Wine Packaging Can Help You Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Market


Wine is always associated with Celebration, Happiness and Romance, and most people love to send it as a gift to their friends. It is a unique present that show one’s taste in this area. Giving friends or other people important to you a high-value wine demonstrates how much you value them.


But what most people ignored is that the packaging of the gift is equally important to the later. In other words, if someone pack a high-end wine with a general packaging, the marks given by the receiver will naturally decline.


That makes packaging especially important. This article will show you several ways about how to pack wine in an effective way in different situations.


The first and the most common way to pack wine is to use custom paperboard box or rigid boxes. The former is more affordable yet less fancy than the later. The wine is placed in the box with inserts around it to protect the wine from moving around. This type of packaging is good for wines that are already aged and don’t need to be handled with a lot of care.


paperboard box for winerigid box for wine



The second method is by using a wine handbag packaging. This is a bag that can be made of paper or plastic. The former is far more popular than the later. The wine can be directly placed in the handbag. But the best way is to place the wine in a corrugated cardboard box before putting it into the handbag considering the security. This type of packing is good for wines that are still aging and need to be handled with a lot of care.


handbag for wine


The third approach is by using a wine shipping box. It is a paper-made or wooden box that is specifically designed for shipping wine. This is especially fit for shipping goods when your consumers place a large order from you. When shipping wine, it is crucial to use a sturdy shipping box. Wine bottles can be fragile, so choosing a box that can protect them from being broken is necessary.


shipping box for wine


Whether you want custom paperboard boxes or custom wooden counterparts, you can get custom wine packaging solutions. We accept any requirements more than you think and try our best to bring your vision to life, so just feel free to contact us.


No matter you want to send a gift or market wines, go for the right custom packaging solution for you. If you still have no ideas about the packaging of your wine, leave the problem to our team and we will give you a specific approach that is perfect for you.

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