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The Definitive Guide to Custom Paperboard Box


As a business that is invested in the production of quality products, finding the right packaging to ensure safe delivery and maximum consumer satisfaction is essential. 


One ideal option you may want to consider is Custom Paperboard Box. Not only are they durable and cost-effective, but their versatility means that they can be designed in such a way as to serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

It’s no wonder why paperboard boxes have become so popular for shipping items ranging from food containers to books! Before embarking on a Custom Paperboard Box journey, it’s imperative to know the basics. 


Get yourself educated so you can make an informed decision and ensure that your end product is exactly what you need!

What is a paperboard box?


A paperboard box, often referred to as a carton box, is a commonly used form of packaging that is durable and lightweight. It typically consists of paper-based material with a liner and may be die cut and laminated for added strength. 


Paperboard boxes provide an efficient, cost effective solution for the storage, transport, and display of products while protecting them from damage.

How paperboard boxes benefit you?


Discover the advantages of paperboard boxes and how they can revolutionize your life! From storing to shipping, these versatile containers provide multiple solutions for any situation.



Highly Flexible

Cardboard boxes offer incredible versatility for businesses seeking unique product packaging. Whether you need a long, slender box or something more compact and square-shaped – cardboard gives you endless possibilities to create unique designs that will keep your products snug as a bug! 


Not only can they be tailored with scissors and tape; these highly versatile materials are also easily glued and stapled too – truly making them one of the most flexible options around.

Paperboard can be scored, folded, curved, and custom diecut in countless ways.


Embossing lifts type and images off the surface of the board, creating immense tactile interest; hot foil stamping adds regal gold or silver elements; UV coatings add a lustrous, protective sheen; soft touch coatings impart a rich, luxurious texture onto the paperboard; windowing entices consumers with a peek at the packaged product.

Cost Efficiency

Custom Paperboard Box are cost-efficient for businesses because they require minimal energy and resources to create. Furthermore, their lightweight construction makes them easy to transport, which reduces the cost of shipping and storage. 


As a result, businesses can save money while still providing customers with quality packaging solutions.


One of the most appealing aspects of using paperboard boxes is that they are incredibly durable. Despite being lightweight, these boxes have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and can withstand surprising amounts of pressure without tearing or damaging the contents inside. 


This makes them ideal for shipping fragile items like food products or electronics without worrying about them getting damaged in transit.


Environmentally Friendly

Paperboard boxes are made from recycled material, making them a much more eco-friendly option than plastic or other types of packaging. 


Plus, they can be easily recycled after use, reducing your carbon footprint even further. By using paperboard boxes instead of plastic or other materials, you’ll be doing your part to reduce waste and help conserve resources.

Paperboard packaging is inherently sustainable, renewable, and recyclable—and today’s environmentally-conscious consumer knows this. Paperboard packaging helps the earth just as much as it helps the marketplace.


Custom paperboard box provide numerous benefits for businesses looking for efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. The possibilities for creating unique paperboard packaging designs help captivate more target audience.


They are strong enough to protect fragile items during shipment yet lightweight enough to reduce transportation costs; plus, they are easy to assemble and recyclable after use!


With all these advantages combined with the fact that they’re environmentally friendly too – it’s no wonder why more product businesses are opting for paperboard boxes over other packaging solutions!

What are paperboard boxes used for?

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From food and beverage packaging to pharmaceuticals, electronics, apparel or anything else you can think of, paperboard boxes provide the perfect solution for retail. 


Their flexibility in shape and size as well as materials make them ideal for any purpose!


What types of paperboard boxes available?


Custom paperboard box are an amazing way to get your product noticed, as they come in all shapes and sizes. From window patches on the box so that customers can glimpse what’s inside to glossy handles for a sophisticated edge, there are plenty of options when it comes to making custom boxes look beautiful.

Not only that but they serve practical purposes too – zipper locks ensure items stay secure and keep secret  corrugated dividers provide protection between multiple products in shipments  and cardboard inserts can be used to add an aesthetic appeal and protect the items during transit or delivery. 


There is truly no limit to the amount of customization you can add with paperboard box packaging!

How to choose the right size.

To ensure your priceless products are well-protected, don’t forget to measure up before selecting a box! Even slight variations can make or break finding just the right size.


Leaving at least an extra centimeter should do the trick – unless items with inserts are involved! In such cases reach our experts for personalized guidance on steering towards perfect proportions.

What makes paperboard boxes?


When you want an eco-friendly, dependable packaging solution for your shipments, paperboard boxes are the way to go! 


With various cardboard structures available, these sturdy and stylish packages will deliver a green choice for whatever shipment needs arise.



Natural kraft cardboard is the perfect choice for eco-friendly projects – made from 100% recycled material, and boasting a timeless brown hue. 


With its muted tones and organic feel, it’s tailor-made for promoting your own green initiatives.

White Kraft

For the ultimate vibrancy and definition, white kraft paper offers a white backdrop that draws out even the subtlest of hues. 


This superior color printing option is sure to wow art lovers with its bright whites and vibrant accents!


If you’re looking to create a stunning design, two-sided paper SBS is the perfect place to start. One side in white and one in grey, this versatile material adds dimension and contrast with its light coating allowing for vivid colors on the white side. 


This creative canvas can be used for cards, envelopes or any kind of packages!


If you want your designs to shine, consider going premium white. This will make the design brighter and glossier than ever before! 


Your vibrant colors deserve nothing short of this luxurious finish so they can truly stand out from the crowd.


How are paperboard boxes made?

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Step 1:Printing

Impress your customers with stylishly printed paperboard boxes! Our range of flexography and offset printing options enable you to transform plain cardboard into eye-catching works of art. Plus, our high grade equipment is sure to bring out the best in all designs so that no detail goes unnoticed.

To ensure maximum visibility for your printed image and protect it from environmental wear and tear, advanced binding techniques like foil stamping or spot UV may be implemented. 

Not only will the printed image appear more vibrant with the finishing touch of a shiny finish, but it will also mean that the custom packaging is better protected over its shelf life.

By opting to select these complex binding techniques, you can further highlight your logo or spot image, creating an eye-catching statement piece.

Step 2: Die-cutting

Die-cutting plays a major role in product presentation, transforming pieces of cardboard into perfect boxes with defined edges and creases. Using sharp and blunt blades to create unique custom shapes, die-cutting allows for superior finished results every time – from crisp lines to perfectly folded packaging!

Our technicians work diligently to ensure no box is left without a thorough inspection. They delicately balance the pressure from every die, so each cardboard packaging comes out perfectly formed – not an ounce of waste spared! Every step in production is checked and confirmed by our experts for quality assurance.

Step 3:Box Cutting and Making

Our final, crucial step in crafting beautiful boxes is the art of box cutting. Expertise and skillful finesse are necessary to delicately remove offcuts while maintaining perfect proportions – a challenge that our specialist equipment rises triumphantly to meet!

This is the last step and the most important one, boxes begin to take shape as offcuts are removed. The step seems simple, but that requires expertise since it directly affect the box making. We have our specialist equipment to do that.

Have a special packaging project in mind? We offer both two and three-dimensional boxes to suit you needs – just say the word! Choose between simple, folded construction or opt for our complete assembled design. Whatever your request is – we’ve got it covered.

Thinking outside the box has never been easier! Now that you know more about paperboard box customisation, why not indulge your inner designer and give your box a makeover? With us as your design partner, we take the guesswork out of box styles and provide professional guidance along the way.


Simply let us know exactly what you have in mind and we’ll bring it to life! We’re always excited to see what creative ideas our customers come up with, so why not contact us today? You could be one step away from having the box of your dreams!

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