What is a Recycled Poly Mailer And Why Should we Use it?

Recycled poly mailers

What is a Recycled Poly Mailer And Why Should we Use it?

With e-commerce and online shopping rapidly gaining momentum, custom mailer bags have emerged as a convenient and viable solution. Though, with the mounting packing waste and demand for raw materials, the environmental implications must be addressed.

Massive quantities of plastic waste pollute our oceans, kill species, and exacerbate the global climate disaster every day.

According to incomplete statistics, the global average of each person will produce about 20 kg of plastic packaging waste per year.

That’s where recycling polyethylene mailers comes in as an important solution. By reusing these materials, we can reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainability.

What is a Recycled Poly Mailer?

Recycled poly mailers are made by reusing discarded mailer materials. The process generally involves the waste collection, sorting and screening, cleaning and pretreatment, and reprocessing.

Waste collection: Discarded polyethylene mailers can be collected through a range of methods, such as designated recycling bins from private recycling companies or local government, recycling stations, recycling vehicles, and door-to-door recycling services. This method ensures the mailers are kept separate from other waste, facilitating the recycling process.

Sorting and screening: Once the waste polyethylene mailers are collected, they are sent to a recycling facility for sorting and screening. At this stage, staff will manually or using automated equipment, separate different types and qualities of pouches. The bags can be sorted based on factors such as color, size, material type, and printed logos.

Cleaning and pretreatment: After sorting, the pouches undergo a cleaning and pretreatment process. This involves removing dirt, labels, tape, and other contaminants. Cleaning methods can include mechanical, water-based, or chemical processes to ensure that the surface of the pouches is clean and ready for further processing.

Crushing and pelletizing: After cleaning, the polyethylene mailers are typically crushed into small pieces or pellets. This process can be accomplished using mechanical crushing equipment, cutters, or shredders. Once crushed, the pouches are transformed into smaller pieces to facilitate the subsequent reprocessing steps.

After undergoing the aforementioned treatment, the recycled poly mailer material can be used in the production process, which is the same as that of new material. The production process typically involves film blowing, printing, bag making, and other relevant steps.

Film blowing: The recycled polyethylene material is melted and extruded through a film blowing machine. This machine stretches and forms the molten material into a continuous tube-shaped film. The film is then cooled and solidified as it passes through a series of rollers.

Printing: The produced polyethylene film can be subjected to printing processes to add branding, logos, or other desired designs.

Bag making: Once the polyethylene film is printed, it can be cut and sealed to create individual poly mailer bags. Bag making machines are used to cut the film into specific dimensions, fold it, and seal the edges to form the bags. Additional features such as adhesive strips or perforations may also be added during the bag-making process.

Recycled poly mailers

Why Should We Use Recycled Poly Mailers?

Environmental Benefits

The use of recycled polyethylene mailers offers several significant environmental benefits. Firstly, it helps to conserve resources by reducing the need for new raw materials. Manufacturing traditional plastic bags typically involves extensive use of petroleum and chemical raw materials, while recycled polyethylene mailers minimize this dependence and conserve energy and water resources.

Secondly, the production of recycled mailers results infewer greenhouse gas emissions and less air pollution compared to the manufacturing of new plastic products. By diverting waste materials from landfills and reprocessing them into useful mailers, the overall environmental impact is reduced.

Finally, using recycled polyethylene mailers supports the idea of a circular economy, which encourages the recycling and reuse of resources rather than their disposal as waste. Promoting the usage of recycled materials helps to produce a more sustainable and ecologically friendly approach to packing and mailing operations by reducing the accumulation of plastic waste.

Marketing Benefits

Adopting recycled poly mailers can help enhance a company’s brand image. Consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that align with their values, including sustainability and environmental consciousness. Using recycled materials allows businesses to position themselves as forward-thinking and socially conscious, appealing to a rising market of consumers who care about the environment.

In some regions, there are regulations and policies in place that encourage or require the use of recycled materials in packaging. By using recycled poly mailers, companies can ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding any potential penalties or legal issues.


Differences Between Poly Mailers Made of New Materials and Recycled Materials

Poly mailers made of new materials and recycled materials can have similar performance and quality characteristics. However, there may be slight differences in color and stretching force due to variations in the recycling process and the properties of the recycled polyethylene.

In addition, poly mailers made from recycled materials are more cost-effective compared to those made from new materials.

According to laws, regulations, and the requirements of businesses, it is possible to incorporate a certain percentage of recycled materials into new materials by blending them. For example, a specific percentage of recycled materials, such as 30% or 50%, can be added to the new materials during the production of poly mailers.

This approach allows for a balance between utilizing new materials and incorporating recycled materials, promoting sustainability while maintaining the necessary performance and quality standards.

Recycled poly mailers

Practical Cases of International Brands

Amazon: As part of “No Single-Use Plastic” drive, Amazon has now opted for recycled polyethylene mailers to pack products during delivery. This move marks a significant step towards more sustainable packaging and reducing environmental imprint. Let’s join the effort, and opt for sustainable choices today.

Patagonia: Patagonia, an outdoor apparel and gear brand, is widely recognized for its environmental consciousness. They have implemented the use of recycled polyethylene mailers as shipping packaging for their products. These mailers are made from recycled polyethylene material, emphasizing their commitment to reducing waste and promoting circularity in their packaging practices.

IKEA: As a leader in home furnishings, IKEA is committed to sustainability. To reduce plastic waste and promote resource responsibility, the company has incorporated recycled polyethylene mailers into their packaging. This strategy is exactly in line with IKEA’s sustainability objectives.

Adidas: Placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, Adidas has integrated recycled polyethylene mailers into their packaging solutions for selected products. By utilizing recycled materials, Adidas reduces the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of packaging materials, thereby promoting a more sustainable approach to its operations.

These examples highlight how large brands are leveraging recycled poly mailers as a sustainable packaging alternative. By adopting these practices, they demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, reduce their ecological footprint, and cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions from consumers.

Challenges and Solutions for Using Recycled Poly Mailers

The practical use of recycled polyethylene mailers still presents a few challenges despite their many benefits. The ability to properly reprocess recycled materials as well as their availability present one of the main supply chain concerns. To encourage the broad use of recycled polyethylene pouches, a strong supply chain system must be established, as well as strategic alliances.

Moreover, customer awareness and education are crucial. It is crucial to inform the public of the advantages of recycled polyethylene mailers and to emphasize their favorable effects on the environment. By increasing awareness, consumers may choose ecologically friendly packaging solutions and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, institutional support and policy incentives from governments and relevant authorities are instrumental in driving the adoption of recycled polyethylene mailers. Governments can implement regulations and incentives that encourage businesses to prioritize the use of recycled materials and support the development of recycling infrastructure. This can create a favorable environment for the integration of recycled polyethylene mailers into mainstream packaging practices.


To elevate the use of recycled polyethylene mailers, it is essential to work in collaboration with the stakeholders across the supply chain, which include manufacturers, recycling facilities, government bodies, and consumers. By collectively tackling these challenges, we can propel the practical implementation of recycled polyethylene mailers to improve the sustainability and environmental consciousness of the packaging industry.



As environmental sustainability gains more attention, businesses must take accountability and make conscious decisions. For e-commerce companies seeking an eco-friendly packaging option, recycled polyethylene mailers are an excellent solution.

Adopting this approach not only reduces resource consumption and emissions but also cuts down on waste and encourages resource recycling. Furthermore, it is budget-friendly, enabling businesses to save on costs and assert their commitment to environmental responsibility. Ultimately, sustainable development should be the objective we aim for.

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