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What Types of Custom Mug Boxes Help You To Be A Winner -

What Types of Custom Mug Boxes Help You To Be A Winner

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Not all mug boxes are created equal, and some can damage your mugs. There are plenty of different types of boxes that can be used as makeshift mugs, but not all of them work well with your mugs. So, what’s the best type of box to use? Keep reading to find out about custom Mug Boxes!


Paperboard box


For custom mug boxes, paperboard materials provide great protection, durability and flexibility. Paperboard box is an economical choice due to its lightweight nature and its resistance to wear and tear.


paperboard box for mug


For custom mug box applications, paperboard boxes are frequently custom formed or molded to fit the contours of the mugs or other items. Paperboard boxes also provide a perfect balance between low cost and high performance packaging solutions.


They have a strong enough structural display in order to keep the contents safe while also being cost effective enough to meet the needs of custom mug box manufacturers. The paperboard boxes are available in various sizes, so they can be custom designed for any item requiring custom packaging solutions.


Mailer box


Mugs require special attention when it comes to custom mailer boxes. As fragile items, they need to be protected not only during shipping and handling, but also while stored away in a warehouse. That’s why customizing a mug box is essential for ensuring the safety of your product.


mailer box for mug


These corrugated boxes are are designed to perfectly fit the shape and bulk of your mugs while providing enough room for secure cushioning. You can choose from various inserts that work best with mugs, such as cardboard inserts and foam inserts.


With an adjustable design, the custom mailer box fits snugly around the mug and does not leave any open space that can cause damage during shipping or storage. With the use of custom mailer boxes, you can provide an added layer of protection to help ensure that your mugs arrive safely at their destination every time!


Rigid box


Rigid boxes provide an elegant and professional look for your mugs while making sure that your product remains safe during transport. Custom rigid mug boxes are constructed from sturdy, thick cardboard and come in different sizes to fit various shapes and sizes of mugs.


rigid box for mug


The premium strength of custom rigid boxes makes them strong enough to protect your custom mugs safely while they are en route to their destination. Beyond this necessary protection, a custom rigid box also adds visual appeal, creating an elegant look that showcases your brand image. After all, what’s the point in customizing a mug if you can’t show it off?


With these aspects combined, custom rigid boxes are the perfect solution for protecting and presenting custom mugs with style and practicality!


Many brands opt for special finishes such as matte lamination, glossy lamination or UV coating which protects the custom box from dust, dirt and humidity. And some also go for printing techniques like embossing or foil stamping which highlights the important images on the boxes.


Now that you’ve seen a variety of different mug box styles, we hope you have a better idea of what will work best for your product. If you need help choosing or designing a custom box for your mugs, our team would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to get started on creating the perfect packaging for your business.

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