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Why Will Foam Padded Mailers Become a Packaging Trend?

foam padded mailer

As an emerging recyclable and biodegradable packaging product, foam padded mailers will undoubtedly become the new packaging trend.


Importance of using biodegradable packaging


Mitigation of  Land Resources

Our soil is getting oversaturated with plastic pollution as a result of the rising quantity of plastic bags. Biodegradable products could offer a remedy for this environmental risk. New biodegradable degrade far more quickly—in just months—than conventional polyethylene, which takes years to break down.


Reduction of Energy Consumption

The production of plastic bags consumes a lot of energy resources, while biodegradable products could make a significant difference. We could save enough fuel by switching our products to this alternative substance to offset a sizable portion of the world’s consumption of fossil fuels.


Reduction of Carbon Emissions

In comparison to normal plastic bags, biodegradable mailer bags have several eco-friendly advantages. One example is their amazing capacity to lower carbon dioxide emissions. These bio bags can release much less CO2 during the decomposition process than conventional polyethylene. It’s a great way to support the earth.


Enhance Corporate Image

Using biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging can help a business improve its reputation with clients by demonstrating to them that it is trying to go green. It is critical to keep in mind that not only can this kind of packaging be good for the environment, but it also sends a message to customers about the company that is favorable. In order to promote eco-friendly behaviors and foster consumer loyalty, it can also be beneficial to include information encouraging recycling on the packaging itself. Giving clients eco-friendly options shows them that their business matters and improves the whole experience.


Why Foam Padded Mailers will Become a Packaging Trend


foam padded mailer


The foam padded mailer, which is a new packaging solution that combines kraft paper and water-based adhesive, a sort of recyclable and biodegradable cushioning substance, is also known as a kraft foam mailer bag or an eco-friendly padded envelope. It has implemented a completely new procedure that meets ECCS certification standards. The cushioning dots are equally dispersed across the paper layers, offering all the cushioning required for the majority of applications.


While protecting your products in transit and saving you money on fuel and emissions, this foam-padded mailer is made to be lightweight and strong. In addition to being tear and waterproof, the mailer is a fantastic option for both domestic and international mailing. The kraft foam mailer bag is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional bubble wrap and plastic packing. It is also a terrific choice for companies trying to lessen their environmental effect and offer environmentally friendly packaging options to their clients. It will undoubtedly become the new packaging trend.


If you are looking for environmentally friendly packaging options, the foam padded mailer from Package N’ Go is the best choice! The team at Package N’Go exclusively conducted the research and development for this cutting-edge, environmentally beneficial solution. With this special product, you may now take a step toward realizing your commitment to environmental protection. Contact us now!

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