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Top 4 Features You Need to Know About Kraft Bubble Mailers

4 Features You Need to Know About Kraft Bubble Mailers

kraft bubble mailer

For the protection of your goods during transit, shipping with bubble mailers is becoming increasingly popular. Their strong but lightweight design offers extra cushioning while still being reliable enough to deliver fragile items safe and sound. The outer layers of most of them you’ve seen may be plastic. However, there is a special kind in the market, which is kraft bubble mailer.

Kraft, is a strong paper or cardboard made from wood pulp produced from wood chips boiled in an alkaline solution containing sodium sulfate. Obviously, unlike ordinary bubble mailers, the outer layers of kraft bubble mailers are made of paper instead of plastic. This article will show you the features of them that ordinary ones might not have.

1. Kraft Bubble Mailers Have Non-foaming Outer Layers


Kraft bubble mailer offer the protective strength of a box, but with the appearance and convenience of an envelope. Their squishy bubbles cushion items inside while their regular-sized dimensions make them eligible for traditional postage stamps – no need to head down to your local post office!

What’s more, they are an ideal choice for those who prefer non-foaming solutions. Their flat, smooth exterior makes them pleasant to the touch and eliminates unsightly bumps from traditional foamed envelopes. Enjoy a superior mailing experience with them!

2. Kraft Bubble Mailers Are Easy To Be Written

Kraft bubble envelopes offer an unparalleled advantage to corporate offices: the ability to write directly on its surfaces without fear of fading. That’s something poly ones can’t match, making them a reliable choice for securely transporting sensitive documents that require labels or identifying marks. Try any marker and you’ll find your writing will last!

3. Kraft Bubble Mailers Are Recyclable

Customers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability when making their purchases, and businesses must follow suit. Fortunately, they provide the perfect solution: an outer layer of recyclable kraft material that can be conveniently disposed of in any recycling bin after use.

4. Kraft Bubble Mailers Are Not Waterproof

They offer an economical shipping option, though they do come with drawbacks. Unlike poly bubble mailers, kraft ones are not waterproof due to their outer layers and therefore do not provide the same level of protection against moisture or any other elements that may be encountered while in transit.

Need help finding the right mailer for your packaging? Kraft bubble mailers are a great option – and if you need more information, we’re here to assist. Simply click through to learn all there is to know about this versatile product!

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