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Reasons to Ship Documents With Kraft Bubble Mailers

4 Reasons to Ship Documents With Kraft Bubble Mailers

kraft bubble mailer with one piece of paper

Any organization that deals with high-value or sensitive goods has to know how to ship papers effectively and safely. A dependable option that will assist guarantee your shipments arrive at their destination in the same condition they left is the use of kraft bubble mailers.

They are useful for keeping items safe while in transit and provide cheap alternative that can be adjusted to fit various product sizes and types. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at why shipping documents with kraft bubble mailers is a great choice for shipping documents

A Brief Introduction about Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft bubble mailers are bags/envelopes with bubble linings and kraft exterior layers, and designed to ship fragile items. They are lightweight and thin, and when the items inside are flat and regular shaped, they can even be put in the mailboxes.

They are perfect for shipping documents, and here are the reasons why.

1. Kraft bubble mailers can be written on

Ensure that your documents are safe and identifiable in transit with paper-surface bubble mailers. By marking each package with the key details of what’s inside, recipients can visibly differentiate between different packages quickly upon delivery – making for a smooth and secure shipping experience every time!

2. Kraft bubble mailers have extra protection

Ensure the integrity of your documents in transit with kraft bubble mailer. Their thick, padded layers provide a layer of protection against bumps and scrapes that can lead to damage during shipping while their waterproof lining guards against any unwanted leakage into its contents. Trust them to keep crucial paperwork safe on its journey!

3. Kraft bubble mailers are tamper resistant

Sometimes, the documents you ship are confidential. Worried someone will sneak a peek at your confidential documents? Kraft bubble mailer are the answer. With their sticky hot melt adhesive tape, any tampering of this secure packaging is impossible to hide – leaving an unmistakable sign that it has been opened.

kraft bubble mailer

4. Kraft bubble mailers can be put in the mailboxes directly

Enjoy the convenience of mailing documents securely with kraft bubble mailer! Eliminating time-consuming courier services, these envelopes let you easily drop your items in any mailbox for safe and speedy delivery. Save time by taking advantage of this hassle-free solution – get your available packages delivered faster today!

Custom printed kraft bubble mailers benefit you a lot when you need to ship documents frequently. Sometimes, you would come across tricky problems when you choose the proper size or are not satisfied with the printings. Package N’ Go is willing to help you with those problems. You can customize the size and printings for any of your packaging. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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