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6 Sizes of Poly Mailers That Are Commonly Used


Do you often feel confused when it comes to choosing the right size of poly mailers for your products? Getting wholesale poly mailers that are too big or small could waste money and time. Thus, it’s not hard to imagine how stressful this matter could be. Therefore, knowing the standard sizes of poly mailers is an important thing for e-commerce business owners.

To make sure that you will get the exact size for poly mailers, we are here to list 6 sizes of poly mailers that are commonly used and the things that could just fit in for reference.

6 x 9 inches:

This size of poly mailer looks quite small, but it can contain two or three pairs of socks, one phone case, three decks of cards, cosmetics like lipsticks, and an eye shadow palette, or tiny jewelry boxes.

7.5 x 10.5 inches:

This size is perfect for several pairs of socks that are packed in the box, small electronics, larger jewelry boxes, one hat, or two T-shirts for babies.

9 x 12 inches:

It’s great for one or two folded T-shirts. In fact, this size is mostly used for packing T-shirts.

10 x 13 inches:

Suitable for one pair of sneakers for children that are packed in the box, one pair of jeans, one or two pairs of shorts; three T-shirts, a long dress, or journals.

12 x 15.5 inches:

It can fit thick clothes like one sweater, one wool skirt, or four or five large T-shirts.

14.5 x 19 inches:

This can contain one jacket about 4 inches thick, two pieces of hoodies, a four-piece suit, one pair of adult shoes that are packed in the box, or one set of sheets.

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All of the above are the standard sizes that are commonly used, and now you know how to choose poly mailers for clothes, poly mailers for t shirts, and poly mailers for books, etc. Besides, the items that were mentioned in this article are regularly shaped objects, which means they are easy to measure. What we can’t ignore is that plenty of e-commerce goods are irregularly shaped, which makes it tricky to pick a proper size of poly mailers for that kind of product. What’s more, we can’t deny that many business owners have their own fascinating thoughts and would rather purchase special sizes.

Package N’ Go aims to seek what our customers truly need and meet the needs to get addressed. If you have any questions about the size of poly mailers or are ready to customize your poly mailers, click here, we would love to help you out anytime.

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