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A Closer Look at Paperboard Boxes: Understanding the Different Types -

A Closer Look at Paperboard Boxes: Understanding the Different Types

paperboard box

Confused about paperboard box? With so many types and shapes to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which is best for your project. That is pain points of many businesses who choose wrong boxes because of the problem. But don’t worry; this article will provide the information you need on different kinds of paperboard box– including their benefits and uses. So read on, make an informed decision, and get ready to create something amazing!


various types of paperboard box


Tuck End Box


This style includes Reverse Tuck End and Straight Tuck End: both created with flair and finesse. The Reverse Tuck End is nothing short of extraordinary and is considered to be the most common style of paperboard box – ideal for any occasion. Not only this, but it’s very economical and versatile.


On the other hand, the Straight Tuck End offers optimal appeal – notably due to its tendency not to show raw edges when viewed from the front. Whichever design you choose, you’re guaranteed a chic, stylish option that your desired audience will love.


Seal End Box


A Seal End Box is the perfect package accessory! Not only is it ideal for machine filling and gluing, but you don’t have to worry about inner product making its way outside the box. Rest assured, your product will remain peacefully enclosed in a Seal End Box—nothing will escape! You’ll always have peace of mind with this creative packaging solution.


Straight Tuck End with Hang Tab


This style has an extra edge. The feature extends from the back, giving merchants an opportunity to further customize packaging and take advantage of up to four color printing. Plus, this simple addition enhances visibility, meaning offline businesses can now hang same eye-catching product tabs on shelves for everyone to see! Now branding pots a chance to help you win over consumer attention.


Beer Tray with Lid


If you are in the bakery or restaurant sector and need a necessary tool for your business, look no further than this Beer Tray with Lid! This perfect combination of quality and practicality is just what you need to store delicate goods and keep them airtight. Enjoy evenly sized sheet cake, cookies, cupcakes, and muffins more efficiently – discover today how the touch of luxury from this Beer Tray can instantly upgrade any venue. Not to mention peace of mind knowing all goods are protected against air contamination or dust – use this time saving Beer Tray with Lid to provide unmatched assurance of high quality products.


Pillow Box or Pillow Pack

pillow box

Pillow boxes or pillow packs make a great packaging solution for lightweight objects, like a silk scarf or fried food! Not only will they show off the item itself, but you can also add a hang tag to draw in target audience. Plus, with an available window area, your item perfectly showcases it’s appeal! If you’re looking to add something special to your product packaging, pillow boxes and pillow packs are definitely worth considering.


You can go for a minimalistic approach, or really make a statement through the gift boxes design options – anything from sleek and contemporary to traditionally timeless. Plus, give your customers an opportunity to wrap the item in high quality paper bag if they choose, which is a one of great marketing strategies. This will bring an extra layer of satisfaction during their unboxing experience! Investing in custom eco friendly pillow boxes and paper bag that goes with it not only adds value to your product, but additionally reinforces an intentional effort on behalf of your business.


Now that you know the five common types of paperboard box and their difference, it’s time to choose one that meet your demand. If you have questions about custom packaging, welcome to contact us to get professional advice.

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