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Boost Your Sales With Custom Lipstick Boxes For Your Business

Unleash Your Sales Potential with Custom Lipstick Boxes for Your Brand

paperboard box for lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of any woman’s beauty routine– small but as powerful as can be. Not only that, gifting lipstick is also a common sentiment to give friends and loved ones, making these products all the more unique and distinctive! Sparking custom lipstick packaging for your brand or product can help draw in new eye given the day even further. With this, women have their way of expressing sophistication: marveling at not only product brought through sensory delights but tying in a sense of ritual.


This article will showcase packaging tactics you can use when finding packaging designs to make up a huge impression on your target audience while growing an identity loyal consumers can recognize.


Paperboard box


custom paperboard box is the perfect beginning to get your lipstick business off the ground. This tailored packaging solution is designed to provide your custom lipsticks with a secure and eye-catching home.


In addition, customizing the box with your own unique insignia or custom artwork will make an immediate statement regarding the quality you promise to deliver. Your custom paperboard boxes are a blank canvas for promoting your brand identity, offering potential as both a standalone feature and part of a larger marketing campaign.


Rigid box



Take your lipstick business to the next level with custom rigid boxes! Wowing customers with an elegant and luxurious gift box that symbolizes a high end product is just the thing to get your name out there.


rigid box for lipstick


These custom boxes, perfect for luxury lipstick packaging, come with custom inserts, colorful printed images and strong construction so they’ll protect and display your product more vibrantly than any other style of box.


Paper bag

A customer’s experience with your product isn’t just about the product – it’s about customer service, too! Make sure you are giving them an unforgettable customer experience by providing them a custom bag with handle that does more than just carry their rigid box – showcase your company logo proudly in style.


rigid box and paper bag



With unlimited bag styles to choose from, you can make sure your customer has a custom bag that truly reflects your business: professional yet inviting. We know customer service begins with a first impression, so ensure they give their best one yet with a paper bag with handle!


Creative Gift Box


If you’re still looking for something a little more creative than standard packaging to present the line of lipsticks, a set of gift boxes should do the trick! These adorable drawers provide each shade with their own special “warm cabin” to rest in and no one will be able to resist their charm. Not only does it solve all your packaging problems, but these eye-catching boxes also offer an easy and thoughtful gift solution for those who are at a loss for ideas.


special paper boxes for lipsticks


This creative lipstick packaging provides each color with its own cozy cabin-like compartment like individual drawers. Every morning customers will be able to choose what lipstick they’d like – almost like picking their daily outfit! Not only does this special experience evoke feelings of joy and royalty but it’s also share-worthy on social media which helps promote your product even further!

If you’re an online business, shipping boxes are essential for protecting your products and gifts from endless bumps and dents. Here at our online store, we specialize in high quality packaging solutions – no shortcuts allowed! We proudly support many world renowned companies, like ADORE ME and FOREVER 21 – so you can trust your shipping needs to us.


If you have any questions or need more details about how we provide the best packaging service around, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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