Bubble Wrap – The Story You Don’T Know

bubble wrap

In the world of packing, air bubble wrap and bubble mailers have grown extremely popular. They are excellent for shielding shipments from moisture or pressure because they are not only exceedingly strong but also incredibly light and water-proof. This explains why bubble mailers have grown to be so well-liked among online shoppers who depend on sturdy, reliable protective packaging for their priceless goods. Bubble mailers and bubble wraps are essential components of any packaging supply because of their adaptability and capacity to tolerate adverse conditions.


Do you know how these bubble packaging materials that you use every day were created? We will discuss about the backstory today.



What people used before bubble wrap


To wrap objects in the past, people used processed mulberry bark. Later, people utilized cardboard boxes and tin cans to carry and transport goods. Food were typically transported in tin cans, while heavier and bigger stuff were transported in cardboard boxes. In addition, newspaper was also utilized to wrap things up for transport. Unfortunately, the outcome was not so good because the ink from the old newspaper would discolor the items. Besides, newspaper slips off and breaks easily, and also provides inadequate cushioning protection.


How bubble wrap was created


Bubble wrap has become so common and popular in our everyday life, so it is simple to forget that the invention of this ubiquitous plastic film filled with air bubbles was the brainchild of two engineers from USA. By simply taping two shower curtains together, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes invented a kind of bubble material in 1957. Sadly, their intended customers did not share their enthusiasm for bubble-filled wallpaper and bubble insulation for greenhouses.


Sealed Air Corporation first trademarked Bubble Wrap in 1960, and soon after that it was used as packing material, earning the product its now-famous name. Bubble Wrap’s reputation quickly spread among other organizations after initially being requested by IBM to safeguard their massive systems and data. When Sealed Air figured out how to use bubble wrap to line envelopes, it was a bubble wrap miracle!


Even up to today, bubble envelopes should not be overlooked. Small internet businesses that require dependable product security while shipping have helped them become more and more popular in recent years. The bubble mailer maintains its unchallenged dominance in the marketplace.


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