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Corrugated Boxes Understanding The Different Types of Benefits

Corrugated Boxes 101: Understanding the Different Types and Their Benefits

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When it comes to product packaging, corrugated boxes are the gold standard. Not only do they provide a protective shield around your goods during transport and storage, but they also add an extra layer of branding value with their attractive design options. From classic and beloved corrugated boxes, such as RSCs (Regular Slotted Containers), to Die Cut corrugated boxes, there’s a multitude of different types of corrugated box styles that can be customized to meet your needs—no matter what type of product you’re selling!


In today’s blog post we take a deep dive into all types of corrugated boxes so you have the know-how needed to choose just the right option for your needs. Let’s get started!


Regular Slotted Container(RSC)

This is the most classic and beloved member of the corrugated family—one piece with clever flaps that close inward acting like little built in backbones! Constructed to provide support to heavier items such as books, electronics and other crafting materials, the flaps inevitably bolster its strength for safe shipping each and every time. It’s by far one of, if not the most sought after shipping device!


Half Slotted Container (HSC)

Half Slotted Container

HSCs offer options similar to that of regular slotted containers (RSCs). Rather than having flaps close the top and bottom of the container, this alternative style of packaging only has a flap covering the bottom — leaving the entire lid exposed. This dimensional distinction renders them well suited for short distance transportation of goods. Importantly, these packages often come with lids so as to ensure that whatever is contained is totally and fully secure. Therefore, this unique design provides users with an unparalleled level of protection when moving goods quickly and closely.


Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOSC)

Full Overlap Slotted Containers

FOSCs offer a unique, advanced design compared to traditional Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs). An FOSC has two sets of overlapping flaps on each end, bolstering its strength and durability. This makes FOSCs the superior choice for packaging processes that require superior protection and cushioning. Thus, these containers can handle pressure and absorb impact better, guaranteeing your shipments remain whole en route to their end destination.


Die Cut

die cut


They offer an improved packaging design compared to the standard RSC box, allowing you to bring a unique shape and style to your packaging without compromising on strength and security.  The box has walls that lock into place to provide maximum strength and security, alleviating many of the issues associated with international shipping of fragile items. Unlike RSC boxes, these die cut boxes require little tape due to their increased protection making them an optimal choice for products requiring heightened structural integrity.


Telescoping Style

Telescoping Style

Telescoping boxes are a great solution for anyone looking for an adjustable box that can securely hold tall and irregularly shaped items. Whether it’s skiis, snowboards, golfing equipment or anything else, these boxes provide an easy-to-use and space-efficient way to store your belongings.


This special box offers a dual-layer shield, composed of one inner and one outer box, adding an extra layer of security for what’s inside. With their simple assembly and attractive design, telescoping boxes are the perfect packaging solution that allows you to tailor it exactly as you want!


No matter what product you’re trying to ship, there’s likely a corrugated box that can meet your needs. Our boxes offer not only size flexibility, but also customizable options for brandingp – just give us your graphics and we’ll take care of creating custom boxes that perfectly fits your needs. Whether printed company logos or creative artwork, count on us to achieve results that stand out. With our corrugated boxes, you can be sure that no matter the deliverable, it will arrive safe and sound – all while creating a lasting impression with your customized printed images.


If at any point you have any additional questions about custom packaging – our customer service team is here for you. We believe it’s important to put customers first and deliver high quality products every time. Let us be part of your journey!

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