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Custom Poly Mailers: Best Option for Shipping Clothes

Custom Poly Mailers: The Best Option for Shipping Clothes

custom poly mailers

When it comes to shipping clothes, keeping them safe and presentable during transit is of utmost importance. Thankfully, custom poly mailers provide a perfect solution to this challenge. These mailers are built from a lightweight but durable material that can be easily personalized with your brand name or logo.


Additionally, they are highly resistant to tears and water, ensuring that your clothes reach their destination in one piece. Join us as we delve further into this topic to discover the intricacies of custom poly mailers.

Why Custom Poly Mailers Are the Ideal Solution for Shipping Clothes

custom poly mailer

Lightweight saving the shipping cost

When it comes to shipping products, poly mailers are an invaluable asset. These lightweight poly mailers offer an efficient means of transporting goods without incurring excessive shipping costs. Shipping costs can be reduced by utilizing poly mailers instead of heavier packaging materials such as cardboard. In addition, they can also increase customer satisfaction by reducing the overall shipping cost for them.

Thinness saving storage space

Poly mailer packaging is easier to store than many other forms of mailing supplies since they require minimal space due to their thinness. Furthermore, they are foldable, which helps save your storage space too.

Durability and penetration resistance protecting the clothes ​

In addition to being easy to work with and relatively inexpensive, poly mailers are made with durable polyethylene material that can withstand wear and tear. This protective quality helps to ensure that the clothes arrive at their destination without damage, even during transit.


The polyethylene also provides superior resistance to punctures. With such high levels of durability and penetration resistance, poly mailers provide optimal protection for clothes during shipping needs.

Customization making profound impression

Not only do custom poly mailers help provide an additional layer of protection for the clothes you’re shipping, they also help provide a personal touch and create a profound impression on customers.


By customizing design and including logos or branding, custom poly mailers can help easily identifiable and stand out from any other generic packaging. Additionally, custom poly mailers put your brand front and center when customers receive their package—ensuring that it will stay top of mind for longer. This is an effective tool for creating memorable experiences that foster long-term relationships with clients.


With custom poly mailers, you have near limitless options in terms of colors and designs make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for to create the perfect image that suits your brand needs. With custom poly mailer, sending out packages has never been so easy or had such a profound impression.

If you are looking for custom poly mailers for clothes, clickhere to check the price chart. And if you still have anything to ask about custom poly mailer or other packaging, feel free to contact us. Package N’ Go has the best service for packaging and customizing.

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