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Differences Between Biodegradable And Ordinary Poly Mailers

Differences Between Biodegradable Poly Mailers And Ordinary Poly Mailers

Biodegradable Poly Mailer

What are biodegradable poly mailers?


Due to their eco-friendly advantages over conventional plastic mailers, biodegradable poly mailers are swiftly emerging as the new industry standard in sustainable shipping.


This kind of eco friendly poly mailer is made from renewable and plant-based components. This reduces our waste output and carbon footprint. The mailers naturally decompose over time and they are environmentally friendly while yet being robust enough to prevent harm to your shipping things.


More people and businesses are using biodegradable materials due to greater environmental sustainability awareness. This reduces pollution and helps make the planet greener.


The company supports environmental protection efforts worldwide by using biodegradable poly mailers. This makes them appear responsible and progressive. And it may lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


What are the advantages of using biodegradable poly mailers?


The usage of biodegradable poly mailers brings about a dramatic transformation in the packaging sector, giving various advantages over traditional materials. The demand for sustainable solutions increases in importance as environmental protection continues to gain more of our attention. Biodegradable poly mailers are a positive step. They provide companies with an environmentally responsible way to package and distribute their goods.


Mailers are made to decompose naturally. This significantly reduces their impact on landfills. This makes them a better alternative to non-biodegradable mailers. These mailers are lightweight and strong, providing excellent protection for the things they contain while also reducing pollution.


Customers will also value a business’s dedication to sustainability if their products arrive in biodegradable packaging. It is wise and advantageous for businesses and the environment to convert to biodegradable poly mailers.


What are the differences between biodegradable poly mailers and ordinary poly mailers?


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Biodegradable mailer bags are likely to be a key component of sustainable packaging in the future. They are constructed of materials such as PLA, PBAT, starch, and calcium carbonate. These materials are environmentally benign. As opposed to conventional polyethylene plastic bags, these components can be directly turned into composting materials, hence they are known to have a minimum environmental impact.


These bags do not need to be recycled or dumped in a landfill to decompose. They can break down into the water and carbon dioxide under certain conditions. This process is faster than waiting for years for decomposition to occur.


In comparison, standard poly mailers not only take a much longer time to disintegrate, but they can also generate toxic gases when burned. Hence, using biodegradable mailer bags is a vital advancement.




The cost of biodegradable alternatives’ raw materials is currently about three times that of polyethylene plastic. Ordinary polyethylene mailer bags consequently tend to provide more competitive cost performance, making them a more appealing choice for enterprises. A discussion is ongoing about the cost advantage of a lower price versus potential environmental damage. This lower price comes at the expense of the environment.




The physical characteristics of biodegradable materials have been improved significantly during the past ten years by scientists and producers. These materials can now display up to 80% of the performance traits of conventional plastics. This allows them to be used in various application settings without sacrificing reliability. Interestingly, this advancement has made it possible.


These developments not only pave the path for environmentally friendly packaging options but also represent an important step in lowering our global plastic footprint and satisfying the rising demand for effective mailing procedures.


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