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Everything Need to Know About Sustainable Poly Mailers

Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Poly Mailers

Sustainable Poly Mailers

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern for businesses today, and it’s important to consider all aspects of operations from the supply chain down to packaging. Sustainable poly mailers are increasingly being used as an eco-friendly alternative when shipping goods and products, and understanding their benefits can be key in creating a more sustainable business model.

In this blog post we’ll explore everything you need to know about sustainable poly mailers – their features, how they affect your bottom line, and why they should be part of your operational strategy. Keep reading to learn how you can make your business practices greener!

What is a sustainable poly mailer?

A sustainable poly mailer is a highly beneficial solution for sustainable packaging needs. These eco-friendly mailers are constructed using either recycled material or are composed of biodegradable or compostable materials. This approach aids in both waste reduction and the development of long-lasting shipping boxes procedures.

Sustainable poly mailers offer excellent protection for your products, reducing the need for additional packing materials such as bubble wrap and foam to ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination. In fact, sustainable poly mailers are estimated to reduce packaging waste by up to 21%, making them an excellent choice in taking steps towards a healthier environment.

Different types of sustainable poly mailers:

Sustainable poly mailers come in many sizes and shapes, offering customers a variety of options to help make sustainable shipping easy. Companies can choose from recycled, biodegradable, or compostable types of sustainable poly mailers depending on their need for customer convenience and eco-friendly packaging. With the increasing demand for sustainable shipping solutions, sustainable poly mailers offer custom eco-friendly packing that caters to customer needs while also helping the environment.

Recycled poly mailers: One of the greenest poly mailer packaging options on the market is recycled poly mailers. As the name suggests, recycled poly mailers are made from recycled materials, specifically post-consumer recycled plastic, which has already been through the consumer cycle before being reused in the production process. This not only reduces environmental impact significantly but also helps to save on production costs for manufacturers and retailers.

In addition to this, recycled poly mailers also provide a high degree of customizability as they can easily be produced to suit any specific need. Therefore, recycled poly mailers offer both practical benefits and peace of mind that you’re supporting an environmentally responsible choice while still availing yourself of cost savings and customized products.

Biodegradable poly mailers: Your company can actively contribute to environmental protection by utilizing biodegradable poly mailers. Natural materials that degrade over time without endangering our world are used to create these eco-friendly envelopes. You can contribute to building a more sustainable future by reducing landfill trash and stopping plastic pollution. This move not only benefits the environment, but it also demonstrates to your clients that you respect their goals and values. A straightforward but crucial step towards turning your company into one that values the environment is choosing to use biodegradable poly mailers.

By utilizing the combination of corn-based PLA bioplastic and fossil-fuel-based PBAT, biodegradable poly mailers relate to both sustainability and convenience when shipping goods.

Compostable poly mailers: Compostable poly mailers are fully integrated into eco-friendly packaging, providing a range of benefits. These compostable mailers can break down into nutrient-rich soil material under the right combination of heat, moisture and oxygen – unlike biodegradable mailers which won’t necessarily create nutrient-rich matter.

Not only do compostable mailers offer environmental benefits, they can also be customized in any style desired – making them ideal for companies and individuals looking to switch to more sustainable packaging. Relying on compostable poly mailers instead of regular plastic counterparts will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also result in a compost that is beneficial to the environment.

Pros and Cons:

Pros to Using Sustainable Poly Mailers:

Eco-friendly option: By choosing 100% recycled poly mailers, companies are helping to lower their carbon footprint in a big way. Sustainable poly mailers offer an eco-friendly alternative that is just as efficient while minimizing the environmental impact of materials and shipping.

Lightweight yet durable: Postal savings aren’t a myth – sustainable poly mailers offer an unparalleled shipping experience. Lightweight yet strong, they make the cost of shipments lighter on your pocket.

Saving much space: Sustainable poly mailers offer a convenient way to package and ship items, as they can easily mold around their contents without occupying excess space.

Waterproof protection: Give your items or documents extra protection with sustainable poly mailers crafted from water-resistant materials, allowing them to arrive safely no matter the weather.

Less expensive than paper alternatives: Sustainable poly mailers are an attractive, budget-friendly option for businesses committed to going green. They offer all the benefits of sustainable paper alternatives while keeping costs low.

Self-sealing: With a self-sealing design, sustainable poly mailers make product delivery effortless. Just tear off the strip, insert your items and seal

Customizable: Sustainable poly mailers offer brands the same personalization potential found with standard custom poly mailers and other packaging out there. By taking advantage of these custom eco-friendly poly mailers, your brand not only has an impact on the environment but will also leave a lasting impression on consumers due to its customization.

Cons to Using Sustainable Poly Mailers:

Become vulnerable over time: Sustainable poly mailers become vulnerable over time unlike other custom poly mailers. This means they cannot be reused multiple times and run the risk of tearing easily.

Not curbside recyclable: They cannot be recycled with your regular curbside bin like kraft mailers can. Although both types of parcels make for a greener delivery experience, only one is readily recyclable through normal disposal services.

Not suitable for large items: With sustainable poly mailers available in a variety of sizes, packaging products might not always fit the bill. Inefficient use and excess space can be an issue when packing.

Need the right circumstances to decompose: For poly mailers to sustainably decompose, the ideal circumstances are necessary yet often difficult to come by – as most households don’t have compost heaps and industrial compost facilities remain scarce.

Tips for purchasing sustainable poly mailers:

Size is a key factor: Size matters when it comes to custom poly mailers. Depending on your needs, you’ll need a different size bag. If clothing items are involved, then bigger is definitely better – but if small objects require storage, seek something more compact.

Strength is important too: Ensure the ultimate protection for your possessions by opting for sustainable poly mailers that are constructed with strong materials and reinforced seams – reliable security against wear & tear.

Consider the type of material being used: For more durability and strength, choose post-consumer recycled plastic poly mailers. But if you’re looking to make a more eco-friendly choice opt for biodegradable poly mailers – they are designed to break down naturally after use.

Customization is also a good idea: Like other custom poly mailers, sustainable poly mailers provide a great way to make your brand stand out from the competition while making a positive contribution to the environment.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sustainable Poly Mailers

To make your packaging more sustainable, a great first step is to reduce the amount you use. Make sure there are clear instructions for whatever materials you use about how it should be reused, recycled or composted. Alternatively, if minimizing recovery emissions is of utmost importance then paper mailers may be better due their ease of recycling and composting – just factor in that they will also add some weight when shipping.

Yes. Technologically, all polymers are 100% recyclable. Poly mailers have the potential to enjoy a truly sustainable lifecycle. Not only are all polymers technically 100% recyclable, but some can actually be reused in their original form after being melted down and reshaped. The result is not just lower waste going into landfills – it’s eco-friendly economy that puts your materials back on shelves doing exactly what they were intended for.

If you have other questions about how to recycle poly mailers, click here to learn more.

Compostable mailers, if not composted directly, should be put in the trash since recycling is not an appropriate solution. This is because when placed among other recyclables like LDPE and HDPE, it will disrupt their processing at a facility due its intended single-use function. It’s important to note that even though these plastics are designed for biodegrading purposes, they often do no so effectively within landfills where oxygen levels can remain insufficiently low or moisture content too dry.

In optimal decomposition environments, biodegradable poly mailers will break down naturally in a year to 18 months.

Package N’ Go is the perfect one-stop place for sustainable poly mailers in bulk. Our custom eco-friendly poly mailers are tailored to meet each of your mailing needs, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. By investing in sustainable poly mailers, you can make a difference and contribute towards decreasing the plastic waste produced by non-biodegradable packaging materials.

Whether you need reliable shipping supplies or require a unique branded look for your business, Package N’ Go offers custom poly mailers specifically for you. Get in touch with us today for more information about sustainable poly mailer solutions.

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