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Foam Padded Mailer - New Eco friendly Packaging Solution!

Foam Padded Mailer – Revolutionary New Eco friendly Packaging Solution!

foam padded mailer

In today’s e-commerce world where competition is fierce, companies need to find unique ways to stand out. Besides the importance of the products being sold, mailers also play a tremendous role. Traditional poly mailers and bubble mailers are convenient and cost-effective, but they can be harmful to the environment, while paper boxes are environmentally friendly but relatively expensive. It seems to be hard to find a packaging product that can combine the benefits of different mailers and provide economical and eco solutions for business owners.


But now we got good news for you! This season has started quite productively for Package N’ Go as we’ve been working on something revolutionary that will make you all surprised! After a long period of research and development work, Package N’ Go now officially announces that the brand new green packaging option foam padded mailer has been launched to the market, especially for those who care about environmental protection and love eco products! Not only does this new mailer safely protect products during shipment, but the recyclable and biodegradable content also helps reduce waste while preserving natural resources! Do you want to know why these mailers are so special and will definitely be valued highly in the future? Read on for more details about their numerous benefits and find out how they will help you stand out!


What is a foam padded mailer and what is it made of


foam padded mailer

The foam padded mailer can also be called a kraft foam mailer bag, an eco-friendly padded envelope, which is a new packaging product that combines kraft paper and water-based adhesive, a kind of recyclable and biodegradable cushioning material. It has adopted a brand new process that has passed the ECCS certification standards. The cushioning dots are evenly distributed between layers of paper, providing all the cushioning necessary for most applications. This revolutionary new product offers an unparalleled range of features that extend beyond the initial greenness. Major business powerhouse Walmart has already cooperated with us and adopted this mailer for their packaging needs – showcasing its exceptionally high standards.


How can you recycle the foam padded mailer?


The foam padded mailer can be recycled easily wherever waste is disposed of. First, remove any labels or tapes that have been affixed to the foam padded mailer. Then, flatten them before you place them in the recycling bin. Waste should generally be disposed of with regular recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard. Alternatively, foam padded mailers can also be taken to a local recycling center or other appropriate facilities that accept them. In any case, foam padded mailers are easy to recycle, helping to reduce waste and preserve resources for future generations.


What are the benefits of using foam padded mailers?


foam padded mailer

Easy packing

The foam padded mailer features a peel-and-seal adhesive closure which maximizes packing efficiency, while also giving consumers a stress-free opening experience with minimal effort required.


Cushioning and shock absorption

Foam padded mailers provide eco-friendly protection for your items and guarantee superior cushioning and shock absorption. The cushioning materials in foam padded mailers act as an excellent shield to absorb shocks caused by rough handling during transit, protecting both delicate and valuable items from damage.



The foam padded mailers are designed to be high-quality, but also lightweight enough to minimize the associated costs that come with sending packages out. It’s an ideal choice for companies looking for eco-friendly solutions that maximize savings on shipping expenses as well as environmental impact reduction efforts.


Space saving

Foam padded mailers are also a space-saving solution, perfect for those wanting to maximize their storage areas. Not only do they take up the minimal room due to their thinness but also their foldable nature makes them easily stackable – allowing businesses an easy way of ensuring important documents arrive undamaged without worrying about taking up too much valuable real estate.


Durability and penetration resistance

The durable materials of the foam padded mailers provide exceptional protection to the package’s contents with outstanding resistance against wear and tear as well as penetration. Rest assured that your products are safe while they journey through transit!



Foam padded mailers provide a great opportunity to take your brand one step further and create memorable experiences for customers. With custom designs that incorporate logos or branding, you can make sure packages stand out from the crowd and stay top of mind long after delivery! This is an invaluable tool when it comes to cultivating relationships with clients.


What are the differences between foam padded mailers and bubble mailers?


foam padded mailer

The functions of foam padded mailers and bubble mailers are similar, but there are a few obvious differences.



The common bubble mailers in the market now are co-extruded bubble mailers, pearlescent bubble mailers, metallic bubble mailers, and kraft paper bubble mailers, composed of film layers and plastic bubble layers.


The materials of the foam padded mailer are kraft paper and water-based adhesive, a kind of recyclable and biodegradable cushioning material.



Both bubble mailers and foam padded mailers are reusable. They can be used multiple times and eventually be recycled.


To recycle ordinary bubble mailers, you need to send them to the designated recycling collection centers.


The waste of foam padded mailers can easily be disposed of with regular recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard wherever there is a recycling bin. 99.9% of the recycled water-based adhesive can be directly pulped for paper production.



Ordinary bubble mailers are not biodegradable, and if discarded into nature, they can be extremely harmful to the environment.


The foam padded mailer is biodegradable and the degradability degree has reached as high as 95%, being a truly environmentally friendly product.


foam padded mailer

What products are suitable for foam padded mailers?


Foam padded mailers are the perfect choice for protecting items like jewelry, CDs, small electronics, and cosmetics when they’re in transit. But it doesn’t stop there! Books, vitamins & nutraceuticals, certain automotive parts as well as accessories can also travel securely and safely with these innovative solutions – so you know exactly what will reach its destination undamaged.


If you are not sure whether your product can ship in a foam padded mailer, you can consider:



Foam padded mailers may not be big enough for large items like quilts or luggage.



Is the product lightweight? Heavy items like dumbbells or large bottles with liquid in are shipping better in boxes.



Products shipping in foam padded mailers need to be relatively flat.



Foam padded mailers are not designed for highly breakable items like wine glasses or ceramic plates.


foam padded mailer

What sizes do foam padded mailers have?


For an eco-friendly and economical shipping solution, choosing the right size of foam padded mailers can be key. To help you find the perfect fit for your product, we’ve compiled a list of five popular sizes along with some examples to put them into perspective.


4 x 8 inches:

Interior size 4 x 7 inches – jewelry, one phone.


6 x 10 inches:

Interior size 6 x 9 inches – photos, one CD, an Xbox game, lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes.


8.5 x 12 inches:

Interior size 8.5 x 11 inches – books, magazines and journals, note pads, baby’s shirts.


10.5 x 16 inches:

Interior size 10.5 x 15 inches – photo frames, bigger books, one iPad, or two T-shirts.


12.5 x 19 inches:

Interior size 12.5 x 18 inches – one pair of jeans, one or two pairs of shorts, three T-shirts, and a long dress.


You can also customize a special size of foam padded mailers with Package N’ Go!


Not just content with standard sizing, the foam padded mailers available in Package N’ Go offer customizability beyond belief! You can choose suitable sizes and exterior designs that can be tailored precisely to your needs. Still confused and need help? No worries. Reach out and our professional engineer will offer expert advice for you. Get creative today – make your mailers stand out!


Where can you get foam padded mailers?


The foam padded mailer is exclusively researched and developed by Package N’ Go, using a brand new process, determined to create revolutionary and truly green packaging. If you are looking for a product that goes beyond flashy slogans and actually reduces eco-footprints, this mailer is your best choice. Its recyclable and biodegradable features will definitely win approval from your customers and establish the reputation of your commitment to true environmentalism. Take a step further than just words – act now with foam padded mailer and Package N’ Go! No matter whether you’re seeking answers or ready to customize, we’ve got it all covered – just get in touch!

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