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Gravure Printing Machine Helps Your Mailer Bags Look Great!

gravure printing machine for mailer bag

Today, a variety of custom mailer bags with distinctive designs, vibrant colors, and sheen can be seen every day, which is owing to our cutting-edge production types of equipment. Now, we will discuss the printing equipment for mailer envelopes – the gravure printing machine, and find out how it helps the mailer bags look great!


Gravure printing


Gravure printing is a crucial printing method, characterized by direct printing technique. It involves the process of embossing the ink into the substrate via intaglio pits. The ink’s quantity and thickness on the substrate depend on the pit’s depth and size. A deeper pit leaves more ink and produces a thicker layer, while a shallow pit leaves fewer amounts of ink and thinner layers.


The surface of the printing plate and the pit that corresponds to the original text make up the intaglio printing plate. When printing, the ink is poured into the pit, the ink on the printing plate’s surface is removed using an ink scraper, and a particular amount of pressure contact occurs between the printing plate and the substrate, transferring the ink in the pit to the substrate and completing the printing process.


Gravure printing has the benefits of vibrant colors, high saturation, high printing plate resistance, stable print quality, quick printing speed, etc., and it holds a significant position in the fields of printing, packaging, and graphic publishing.


Categories of gravure printing machines


Depending on the type of paper/plastic film used, the model is divided into sheetfed gravure printing machine and web gravure printing machine.


Depending on the number of colors printed in one go, it is divided into single-color, four-color, five-color, six-color, etc. There is also single-sided printing and double-sided printing.


gravure printing machine for mailer bag


Structures of the gravure printing machine


There are five key parts that make up a gravure printing machine: paper/plastic film feeding, ink feeding, printing, drying, and paper receiving.


  1. Ink feeding: the two types of inking devices are direct inking, where the plate cylinder is fully submerged in the ink tank; and indirect inking, where the inking roller is partially submerged in the ink tank and transfers ink to the plate cylinder. The ink-jet technique is also used by some high-speed devices.
  2. Printing: plate cylinders and impression cylinders can be placed in one of three ways: vertically, horizontally, or inclinedly. The standard configuration for each unit is one plate cylinder and one imprint cylinder. Certain printing presses include two impression cylinders, which help to boost the printing pressure.
  3. Drying: to dry the printed materials, hot air heated by electricity or steam is used, and some machines also use infrared or far-infrared lamps.


Package N’ Go is prepared to assist you in designing the ideal custom mailer bags, offering you a fantastic packaging solution! We will make sure your vibrant graphics stand out by using state-of-the-art gravure printing technology. Contact us right away to display your colors!

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