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How Aqueous Coating Benefits Your Brand?

aqueous coating

Custom boxes are a great way to advertise your product in the retail or shipping industry, and aqueous coating is an essential part of preserving their image. Aqueous coating strengthens custom packaging and maintains its elegant appearance even after multiple uses. It is one of the most popular choices due to its advantages.


Today we’re showing you the ropes of aqueous coating, so you can decide if it’s right for your products. Dive into the method and discover what makes it so unique!


aqueous coating


What is Aqueous Coating?


Aqueous (AQ) coating is an innovative printing technique that offers many benefits for packaging design. It is a water-based, transparent varnish which features fast drying and resistance to fingerprints, smudges and scuffs. This makes it the ideal choice for packaging and many other printed products since it ensures quality results with high durability against damage.


Two Main Types of AQ Coating


Gloss Coating


For packaging printing that needs to achieve a less showy and more subdued finish, gloss coating is the perfect option. Unlike UV coating or gloss lamination, it won’t have an overly shimmery effect, yet your printed piece will still receive excellent protection from the coating layer.


Matte Coating

Matte coating creates less of a glossy sheen and allows colors to show their true hue. It offers a more mellow and cozy atmosphere compared to the liveliness of glossy packaging. Ultimately, matte coating can provide the perfect packaging solution when you want a tranquil appeal for your product.


Benefits of AQ Coating


Protective and durable  

Product packaging needs to be handled and shared many times, but fingerprints and smudges can ruin the intended product design. To create a product package that is visually appealing and stays that way, an aqueous coating is key. Not only does an aqueous coating preserve the vibrancy of inks, but it also helps protect the product from scuffing and scratching – creating product packaging that looks amazing no matter how many times it’s handled or passed along.


Versatile and flexible

Aqueous coating is a great product choice to add written information to product packaging design. Its unique texture makes it quick and easy to write with, while still ensuring that the writing is not smudged or smeared. You can easily include product or safety information on your product packaging, and you also have the versatility to combine aqueous coating with other finishes like foil stamping, embossing and glitter for more appealing product designs.



An environmentally friendly approach is essential in today’s world and aqueous coating provides the perfect solution. This water-based coating is recyclable, leaving no harmful byproducts that could be detrimental to our planet.


Aqueous coating is friendly to the environment as well as your business. Investing in aqueous coatings will reduce your carbon footprint and cultivate a more organic production path that appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.



AQ coating offers cost-effective efficiency for any printing process. It works in tandem with the printing process to save time, effort and money. With fewer steps and less time required, businesses enjoy cost savings without sacrificing quality. Not only does this reduce cost – speeding up production times – but it ensures a smooth and professional product as well.


aqueous coating


In the end, various types of coatings are available coming down on your personal preference. Whether you like to “pop” your images or follow a minimalist style, you can get some professional advice here on how to create an ideal package for your business.

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