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What are the differences between debossing and embossing? -

What are the differences between debossing and embossing?


Embossing and debossing are design techniques that create either a raised or an indented image. They both create impressive and premium design results. To determine which process is best for your business, let’s dive deeper into the differences between the two.


What is embossing?


Embossing is made with a metal die raising certain images off the paperboard to create a 3D effect, giving whoever meets it a visual and tactile enjoyment. It’s worth leaving your vital elements to embossing, including logo, slogan and other images you want to emphasis.


debossing logo


What is debossing?


Debossing is just the opposite of embossing. Instead of making your design pop out against the material you choose, it create an indented effect. Although debossing is not so popular as embossing, it carries its unique appearance and characteristics.


embossing logo


Debossing VS Embossing


  • Embossingcreates a 3D appearance that better highlights the crucial elements than debossing does.
  • Debossing is more durable and protective than embossing since it sits lower than the rest of paperboard. While embossingis more likely to be damaged as it stands higher than the surrounding material.
  • Embossingis generally more expensive than debossing since the former requires a little more steps during the production.


Embossing also share several similarities with debossing. The two designs can be carried out in combination with other techniques like foil stamping or colors to add effect, and they can also just be left “blind”(leave the debossed or embossed area as it is).


debossing combined with foil stampingembossing combined with colors


They are both made for underlining those elements you consider important, creating a strikingly impressive look for your packaging.


Whether you lean towards embossing or debossing, make sure it is right for your design so that help you bring benefits by giving off its unique appeal.


If the two processes can not meet your demand, there are still many other coating options available for you. You can just click here, and we give you a detailed illustration about them. We will work with you to identify the most suitable for your products.

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