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How Does Adhesive Strip Work On Self-sealing Poly Mailers?

How Does Adhesive Strip Works On Self-sealing Poly Mailers?

self-sealing poly mailers

You want to select the finest shipping method to safeguard your goods and deliver them securely to their intended location. Poly mailers with adhesive strips, or self-sealing poly mailers, are one choice. Adhesive tapes can be customized to your requirements and provide several benefits for your products. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of adhesive strips on poly mailers  and how they can benefit your business.



No Need to Purchase for Tapes

There are many poly mailers that don’t have self-sealing strips in the market, which means if you purchase bulk poly mailers for your shipping, you will need to a separate purchase for tapes to seal them. But those with adhesive strips can save your money on tapes and packaging supplies. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to ship packages, consider using poly mailers with adhesive strips.



Easy Packing Saving Time

Adhesive strips are a time-saving device that every business should take advantage of. By having adhesive strips on poly mailers, it will save the business money. In addition, it only takes two steps for you to pack your product if you use poly mailers with adhesive strips.

First, put your product in. Second, tear the adhesive tape then fold the flap tightly. It does not only save your packing time but also save your customers’ unpacking time.



Preventing Liquid from Seeping in

In order to prevent liquids from leaking into poly mailers and causing damage to your contents, adhesive strips are a crucial component. The adhesive strip is a brief section of adhesive that is firmly attached to the mailer’s interior. This strip forms a seal that stops liquids from penetrating the mailer and getting inside your products.

When selecting a poly mailer, be sure to choose one that has an adhesive strip. Your items will be shielded from harm during shipping thanks to this.



Providing Tamper Resistance

The adhesive strip helps to ensure that the contents of the mailer remain securely sealed during transit. This can be especially important for items that need to remain sterile. In addition, the adhesive strip can help to prevent tampering by providing a visual indication if the seal has been broken. As a result, the adhesive strip on a poly mailer can provide an extra level of security and peace of mind.



Double Tapes Making them Reusable

Package N’ Go offers a special adhesive design for poly mailers. We can add an extra adhesive strip on poly mailers if required. These may be used again because they are so durable.

Double adhesive strips make the poly mailers reusable. One for you to send the package to the destination. Another for your customers to reuse, sending the package back or packing other things they want, whatever they do is fine.


double adhesive strips on a poly mailer

Double Adhesive Strips on a Poly Mailer

The adhesive strips on poly mailers can benefit your business a lot. By not using a separate tape, you save time and money. Also, it saves your clients from having to look for a means to open the package.

If you are looking for custom poly mailers with this feature, get in touch with Package N’ Go. If you have any questions concerning our products, we would be pleased to respond.

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