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How much time is needed to produce custom poly mailer?

How much time is needed to produce custom poly mailers?

custom poly mailer

Produce Custom Poly mailers, which are comprised of moisture-resistant polyethylene, are a flexible and reliable packaging solution. They offer recipients safe delivery of objects in various sizes and forms, making them ideal for mailing international internet orders as well as moving goods. 

For any company hoping to leave a lasting impression on its clients, investing in custom poly mailers might be a wise move. Mailer bags offer protection for items during delivery and a chance to increase brand identification and customer loyalty. Your company’s logo, colors, motto, and other materials can be displayed on the mailers as a canvas. The customer may easily relate to your brand visually through well-designed mailers, which fosters trust and encourages additional engagement. Use mailer bags to improve branding efforts and boost client appreciation of your business, whether you are mailing a product or distributing promotional information.

When you are determined to order custom mailer bags, you need to have an idea of how long it takes. The decision to order custom poly bags should not be made hurriedly. After all, the production time can change depending on a number of variables. In order to know when to submit your orders, it is important to understand how these specialized items are produced and how that affects lead times.

There are six main processes to follow before receiving the finished production of mailer envelopes, and we will go through each of these steps in more depth today.

Design Produce Custom Poly Mailer

custom poly mailer

Compared to the relatively simple process of producing poly bags, the majority of effort is spent on design. You need to provide the supplier with a design document that meets the production requirement. To ensure accuracy when manufacturing starts, this involves using the right design software and paying attention to size, style, color, and branding features, which will take quite some time and energy.

You can look at our earlier blog post where we discussed design tips for mailer bags for more information. You can also get in touch with us if you need assistance. The skilled designers at Package N’ Go would be happy to help.

Sample Making

After the design is confirmed, you can ask the supplier to produce some samples for you in order to make sure the quality and every element meet your expectations. To prevent the rendering or digital sample from inaccurately displaying the mailer bag’s true message, at Package N’ Go, we decided to use the same equipment for both sample production and official production in order to guarantee that produce custom poly mailer bag satisfies the highest quality requirements. This is a crucial procedure and it may take up to 10 days so that it will involve additional waiting time but this delay is nothing compared to what would happen if the wrong product were released.

Sample Check And Confirmation

It is crucial to check the materials’ quality and make sure they adhere to your exact specifications after receiving your mailer bag sample. Note the product’s thickness, color, printing, and any specialized processing techniques that were employed during production. When placing an order for the production of all mailer bags, make sure everything complies with your specifications.

Production that Produce Custom Poly Mailer

custom poly mailer

When the sample is confirmed, you can place the final order. The production process typically takes 20 days, the time may vary depending on a number of factors, including complexity, the thickness of the film, or even just the amount. For instance, producing fewer than 50,000 ordinary poly mailers will take roughly 15 days, while producing 50,000 to 100,000 will take about 20 days. The more you order, the longer it will take. Other factors may also influence the production time, for example, thinner film relatively takes more time than thicker film. Besides, if you request a specific shape or technique, there will be more days added to the production time. But of course, the supplier will definitely give you suggestions for production time according to your requirements.

Mailer bag production typically includes 4 steps:

  • Blending: raw materials including master batches as well as new and recycled plastic pellets, etc. being mixed well in the right proportions.
  • Film Blowing: a plastic processing method that refers to heating and melting plastic particles and then blowing them into a film.
  • Printing: customized patterns and designs are printed on the film by a gravure press
  • Bag Making: the three-layer-extruded film is firstly laminated with the hot melt adhesive, and then cut and heat sealed precisely by the knife head of the bag making machine.

Quality Inspection

custom poly mailer

Our team will conduct a thorough quality check of the products once mass production is complete. To provide consistently excellent outcomes, inspection standards for the poly mailer envelopes include examining the size, printing, film, and other quality issues. Let’s take some of the standards as examples.


During the examination, the length and width of custom poly mailers must be carefully measured. And a 3mm tolerance is present and cannot be exceeded.

Ink adhesion

We apply a special tape to the printing surface, slightly stretch it to align it, and then measure how much of the ink layer was peeled off to get an accurate measurement of ink adhesion. Another technique for figuring out whether there is enough ink adherence is to repeatedly rub the two surfaces together.

Firmness of edge sealing

Since it impacts the strength and durability of the packages, edge sealing is a crucial step in the creation of custom poly mailers. The examination frequently includes a violence test that evaluates the durability of custom poly mailers under various forces.

You can get a detailed study of the mailer bag quality inspection from our blog post. Use our resources to learn more about this crucial procedure and to obtain more knowledge!


After the quality inspection was completed, the goods are prepared for shipping.

There are several variables that affect how long it takes to carry the products from one location to another. The size and weight of the products are among the most important factors. The mode of transportation you select and the required distance are additional crucial factors to take into account. For instance, if you choose air shipping, your product will arrive much sooner than if you choose ocean freight. Depending on the destination, seasonal patterns and regional customs might also impact travel times. All in all, it is advisable to carefully consider each of these factors when determining how quickly you need anything dispatched.

There are two basic ways to transport custom poly mailers from overseas, which are as follows, depending on the various modes of transportation:

Air transport

There are two types of air transport: air express and air freight. Air transport is a dependable means of transportation for moving goods. As the most practical and economical alternative that enables direct door-to-door delivery, air express is advantageous for small items. Larger shipments and essential commodities, however, are frequently carried via air freight, which, while costlier than sea freight, offers quicker travel times. Clients normally get their deliveries by truck delivery, which can only be made possible by expedited shipping services, at an airport terminal, unless otherwise indicated.

Sea transport

With two main options, sea shipping is a quick and economical means to carry commodities around the world. Delivery by sea is an option for less bulky, smaller-quantity goods, although it carries a modest increase in the danger of item loss. For items smaller than five square meters, sea-trucking is suggested since it strikes a better balance between cost and safety. Establishments looking into logistical solutions should evaluate their individual delivery needs to determine the best mode of transportation by water.

Wherever on the earth, as long as you provide us with an address, Package N’ Go will provide you with reasonable shipping advice tailored to your needs, ensuring that your personalized poly mailer bag reaches you quickly and safely.

Now that you are aware of the rough timelines for each stage of the mailer bag production process—from design, sample making, order placement, production, shipping, to receipt—you know how much time you should allocate for your order.

At Package N’ Go, we are aware of how crucial receiving expertly made bespoke poly mailers is for your company. All of our poly mailers are produced to the highest standard by our knowledgeable team. We take great pride in ensuring that before being used for shipment, each and every custom poly mailer meets your specific standards. You can rely on us to immediately take care of your packaging needs due to our open pricing approach. Moreover, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns regarding customizing or other features of our service—we are always happy to help. You should always turn to Package N’ Go for all of your bespoke poly mailer needs!

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