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Change Poly Mailer Design When Your Target Customer Changes

How to Change Poly Mailer Design When Your Target Customer Changes

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As a business grows and develops, the target customers might change. The marketing strategy must be adjusted accordingly. As part of the marketing tool, the poly mailer design should always follow the marketing strategy and effectively reach new target customers.


Using mailer bag design for marketing can be one of the most cost-effective options for companies. The design passes the brand info directly in front of the potential clients. Aspects of branding and messaging shall be taken into consideration when changing the mailer bag design for new target customers.


Aspects to take into consideration


To design poly mailers, the image and branding of the company must be reflected, which include different elements. When the target customers change, the new design shall still be consistent with the branding of the company.


In order to attract the target customer’s attention, the messaging on the mailer bag is essential. The messaging should adapt to suit the changing interests and needs of the target audience.


Practical examples


If the target customers change from low-income people to middle and high-income people, the poly mailer design can be considered from the following aspects of change:


Material selection


Middle and high-income people pay more attention to environmental protection, quality, and fashion sense. Therefore, we can consider using more environmentally friendly, high-quality materials, and focus more on design and fashion, such as the use of biodegradable materials, etc.


Design style


Middle and high-income people usually have higher requirements for product design and brand image. Therefore, the design style of mailer bags can consider a more sophisticated, simple and modern design style, such as the use of simple lines, advanced textures, exquisite logos and other elements to create a more recognizable image of the brand.


Increase functionality


Middle and high-income people pay more attention to practicality and convenience. Therefore, to design poly envelopes, we can consider adding some practical features, such as the use of stronger and more durable materials, handles or double self-sealing strips, and other designs to facilitate customers to carry items and easier for reusing the mailer bags.


poly mailer design


If the target customers become young people from the middle-aged and elderly, the design of the poly mailer can take the following changes:

Design with fashionable and youthful elements


Young people prefer a beautiful appearance and fashion sense, so the design of poly mailing bags could be more youthful and fashionable. Trendy elements of bright-colored patterns and slogans could be used to attract young people.

Design with a technological sense


Young people pay more attention to technology and intelligence, so you can consider adding intelligent signs on the mailer bag, such as QR codes, RFID, etc., to facilitate the rapid identification and use of young people.

Design with interaction elements


Young people like socialization and communication, so adding social elements can be considered. One example is to add social media links.


poly mailer with QR code


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