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Choose Between Metallic Bubble Mailers and Kraft Bubble Mailers

How to Choose Between Metallic Bubble Mailers and Kraft Bubble Mailers

metallic bubble mailers and kraft bubble mailers

When it comes to striking a balance between safety, price and presentation, selecting the right mailer can be tough. For businesses that are trying to decide between metallic bubble mailers and kraft bubble mailers, this decision becomes even more complex. While both types of mailers provide plenty of benefits when shipping goods or marketing materials through the post – such as protection from dirt and dust – there are still key differences which should be taken into consideration when settling on one option over the other for your business needs.

In this blog post we’ll take an in-depth look at why you might choose either metallic or kraft mailed based on their various advantages and disadvantages.

metallic bubble mailers and Kraft bubble mailers


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

They are made of a unique metallic composite with the outer layer composed mainly of aluminum foil and the interior sealed with PE air bubbles to provide cushioning against bumps, scratches, and other external damage. The metallic material is highly durable, making metallic bubble mailers much more resistant to rips and tears than ordinary bubble mailers. This makes metallic bubble mailers great for premium quality products whose packaging must also be of high level construction.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

They are made of kraft paper on the outside layer and features an inner layer filled with PE air bubbles. This makes them partly compostable which is an important feature as it reduces their impact on the environment compared to other bubble mailers. Kraft bubble mailers are lightweight, durable and provide excellent cushioning protection in the shipping process. They are a great option for businesses who want to reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing quality and practicality.


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic bubble mailers are made of mostly plastic and can be recycled. Unfortunately, most metallic bubble envelopes cannot be placed in a recycling bin due to their size and weight.

However, there are ways to make sure these metallic bubble mailers get recycled safely. Clean metallic bubble mailer bulk items should be taken to a local recycling center that accepts packaging materials like these. This contributes to overall sustainable practices and lessens the amount of plastic being thrown away.

Additionally, many local grocery stores or retailers have large collections which can be transferred to responsible recycling facilities instead of non-recyclable trash cans. If this is not an option, it is also worth reaching out to any nearby companies who use lots of metallic bubble mailers for shipping purposes – they may have their own system for properly disposing them for recycling.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft bubble mailers are a convenient and secure way to ship fragile items, but you might think that they can be recycled after being used – sadly, this is not the case. Although the kraft mailer envelopes themselves are usually made from recyclable materials, it’s difficult to separate the outer layer from the air bubble made of polyethylene inside them.

Most kraft bubble mailers are firmly sealed in order to protect whatever is being shipped, so separating them by hand would be time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, kraft bubble mailers should be disposed of with other non-recyclable materials instead of placing them in recycling bins.

metallic bubble mailers and Kraft bubble mailers


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic silver bubble mailers are an essential piece of material used in postal services to ship products securely and efficiently. These metallic padded envelopes typically have a self-sealing design due to the aluminum foil outer layer which results in a smooth surface that allows the adhesive strip to be tightly secured down without leaving a trace when opened. This means metallic bubble mailers can be used multiple times, but still may not be tamper resistant.

It is vital for metallic silver bubble mailers to maintain their integrity during shipping and delivery so that customers receive their products undamaged and in perfect condition.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft poly mailers provide an ideal solution for secure shipping, thanks to their self-sealing design. While the durable outer paper layer that makes them so tamper-resistant is also a disadvantage due to its inability to remain intact once opened – it won’t be able to close completely again as the paper will have exposed its contents and will roughen up.

Kraft padded mailers are, therefore, not reusable. However, kraft material provides excellent protection and ensuring the contents of your packages remain secure during transit, making it an ideal choice when looking for a reliable shipping option.


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic copper bubble mailers are the most durable among all bubble mailers, making them ideal for shipping heavier and fragile items. They have a superior tear-resistant capability, as well as being able to resist any weather condition or penetration that can occur in transit. The metallic coating also prevents liquids from seeping through, ensuring whatever is inside will remain safe and sound. This makes metallic copper bubble mailers the go-to option when it comes to secure postal packaging.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft bubble mailers are typically weaker than metallic copper bubble mailers, due to their outer layer of paper material which is vulnerable to tearing. Furthermore, they lack the bearing capacity associated with metallic copper designs and thus can only handle lighter items without risk of tearing. Additionally, kraft padded envelopes are also not weather resistant, making them unsuitable for outdoor conditions or longer journeys. In summary, metallic copper bubble mailers should be considered where weather-resistance and greater bearing capacities are required.

metallic bubble mailers and Kraft bubble mailers


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic silver bubble mailers are well-known for their thick, protective foaming exterior which makes them easy to recognize. Not only that, but metallic bubble mailers made with aluminum foil provide an attractive shimmer and memorable reflection of light similarly to a polished diamond. Best of all, metallic silver bubble mailers are incredibly lightweight, which makes them the perfect choice for mailing projects of all shapes and sizes.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft bubble mailers are a great eco-friendly way to send packages. Their non-foaming surface is not as smooth as metallic silver bubble mailers, but its texture adds an attractive, natural look and feel. Eco lite kraft bubble mailers are a more lightweight option that can help reduce shipping costs – these kraft bubble mailers provide an efficient and cost effective way to protect and ship items safely. With kraft bubble mailers you can create a professional look for your parcels quickly and easily.


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic bubble mailers are not just efficient, but beautiful too! With metallic finishings such as a laser printing and pearl or matte outer layers, these metallic bubble mailers can make any package stand out from the rest.

Available in gold, silver and many other colors, metallic bubble mailers wholesale allow consumers to dazzle their clients with innovative packaging techniques. Not only does this grab attention for branding purposes, but also exudes a glamorous and gorgeous feel that has the potential to create long-lasting relationships. Metallic silver bubble mailers help capture a customer’s heart with their stunning look while providing protection to your shipment during transit.

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

While kraft padded envelopes lack the glamorous appeal of metallic envelopes, they are incredibly versatile and aesthetically pleasing. They are available in many colors and styles, and take normal printing very well. Additionally, kraft mailers can be given rustic charm with a unique printing technique – normal kraft paper features natural grain patterns that add texture and interest to every design. When it comes to kraft poly mailers, there is no shortage of options for creative customization.


➤ Metallic Bubble Mailer

Clothes: Mailing clothes has never been easier! Metallic bubble mailers are the perfect option for thick and heavy items such as hoodies, coats, sweaters and more – offering secure protection to ensure your garments arrive safely.

Jewelry: Metallic bubble mailers are the perfect packaging for sending out beautiful items like earrings, necklaces and rings. The glossy surface provides an eye-catching finish that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Cosmetics: Packaging cosmetics such as eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and powder foundations in metallic silver bubble mailers is an ideal solution that provides protection while giving your products a professional look.

metallic bubble mailers and Kraft bubble mailers

➤ Kraft Bubble Mailer

Clothes: Kraft bubble mailers make the perfect packaging solution for lightweight garments like T-shirts and underwear – however, they should not be relied upon to ship heavier items because of the outer paper layer.

Books and other printed materials: Printed materials require extra protection when shipping – that’s where kraft bubble mailers come in. With protective cushioning, these durable envelopes help ensure your products arrive safely to their destination.

Office supplies: Kraft bubble mailers are the perfect office supply carrier, making organization easy and efficient. Its writable surface allows you to easily identify its contents while adding a personalized touch.

Metallic bubble mailers and kraft bubble mailers. Both offer their own set of benefits depending on the requirements at hand; if a more glitzy yet robust solution is what you need, then perhaps try out metallic bubble mailers! If sustainability matters most in this case, switch over to kraft ones as they make an excellent eco-friendly choice.

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